Tuesday, March 8, 2011

all i ever wanted....

sing the tune.
vacation all i ever wanted! vacation time to get away!

oh wait... we are back!
but it was a MUCH needed get away.

time to be back to reality!

but now i have that song in my head.
i love music.
not in the way that i love to go to concerts or follow certain bands around.
i love how music takes me to a certain place.
some songs its a moment.
some songs make me remember an exact moment and memory in my life.
others, its an era or time in my life.

sometimes the song will come on and make me ooze and gush with happy and amazing memories.
sometimes i reach for the dial and turn the song as it makes me think of a memory that makes my stomach turn.
or i laugh with embarrassment.
or cry.
a song can bring me down or bounce me out of a funk.
i find music so powerful.
when i find a song i love i literally play it on replay, learning all the words, singing in my car as loud as i can.
right now my song of the moment is "raise your glass" by pink.

it takes me to a moment when my sister and her 17 (now 18) year old son and my little man were driving around after christmas SCREAM-SINGING the song and dancing in the car. driving aimlessly.
not only was this a great & fun memory. it was a moment... it was the moment in time that i can actually pinpoint shortly after my dad died that we had to rally. rally and have some fun. and i let myself. i hear that song these days and it makes me smile. want to raise my glass and toast my dad and live life to the fullest.... and drive around the streets singing and dancing...
until i hear my son sing "dirty little freaks"... hmmmm!

do you ever wonder if people hear a song and think of you? a memory or moment or something??

well in an effort to be completely random. and include some pictures in this post...
enjoy some highlights from our recent trip to naples florida.
it was delightful!

sammy in his "al-e-gay-derrrr"
ridiculous but well worth the purchase. by stearns. it kept him floating. although you must keep your eye on them... it was a nice safety helper!
this my friends is what i got when i asked my boys to "sit nice for just ONE picture".
such is life!
too cool!
sam loved the hammock!

these two besties are a riot! 
in florida our great friends from home also have family that have a condo in the SAME complex as our familiy. it is VERY fun to have your friends on vacation with you. for the kids AND the grown ups!

boys having breakfast on the lanai

only in 2011 does a 5 year old sip a pina colada while playing with his daddy's itouch. 
im not sure if its funny, ridiculous, or embarrassing!

paradise on my birthday! 

on our way out to dinner on 5th ave.
we went to cafe larcat.
it was the most fancy meal i've ever had. i ordered a $40 filet and it was absolutely heaven in my mouth. 
it was amazing. then we had homemade WARM cinnamon & sugar donuts. they melted in my mouth. 
it was amazing. i will remember how special it was always. 
i even tried sea bass- i don't eat seafood. it was even good!
i wished i could call my dad and tell him all about it! 
he was the kind of man who really appreciated a good meal! 

i am pretty sure this does not need a caption or explanation! just needs a good laugh!

there is something about this photo i love!
it captures him.

holding hands with his daddy!

monkey habitat at the naples zoo!

sammy tried a lemon at bellini for lunch on 5th ave!

this just happened. unposed. unplanned. and my hubby was on his a-game and caught a moment!
i love this because im always behind the camera and never in the photo. so i treasure this moment! 
good times!
sammy screaming at seagulls.
also documenting his never ending desire to refuse to eat! nice ribs kid!
i love his fruity little euro-suit! it keeps him rash free!
why do boys bathing suit trends have to be so long that result in all the boys having to where spandex under their suits. it drives me nuts!

i love him. and love this picture. a little sass & tude. so handsome!

this damn digger haunted me. he says "digg-garrrr" and insisted on tossing it into the surf MULTIPLE times and would then scream "ohhhhh noooooo" and cry so id chase it down. 
but i do love this photo of his sandy hands and body with his prized diggg-garrrr!

most kids play football in the surf with goggles, right?

next time i am sad or down in the dumps or he is driving me nuts... i will look at this picture and smile!

happy hump day... almost!