Thursday, July 29, 2010

summer revisited

so a while back i had posted my "summer to do list".

welllllll.... id say we are doing just okay with it.
i love lists.
but my lists have to be in front of me and i never printed this one.
and i must confess in saying that i like to add things to my lists so that i can cross them off
(even if i already did them, make sense?)

so here is where we are

as far as a few i'd like to clarify and feel i can't check off
the whole "keep calm" thing.
right... about that.

so moving on....
we have had a couple of date nights... i had dreams of more.
so i can't cross it off quite yet.
we've been baking... not every week.
we've been crafting... not every week.
no weekly menu's.
although id REALLY like to get my head around that.
exercise... i am trying.
but just not hard enough.
and as for the blog...
to be honest, we've been to busy "summering" that i have sort of fallen behind!

but summer is almost over.... august is upon us!
i worship fall.
i really really can't wait!
but im determined to embrace what summer has left for me.
we are going to pack into the last month of summer all we can!

how are you doing with your summer lists?!?!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

lost my groove!

i think i've mentioned before i like structure, routine, and being in control.

the moment things feel out of MY control,
i tend to...

i become cranky.
i snap at the boys i live with {all three of them ~wink wink~}
im needy.
and bossy.
just to name a few.

this summer im REALLY REALLY REALLY struggling to find my groove.
you know... a routine that works.
i could blame it on a bunch of things.
i have found a TON of excuses... i just typed out a bunch of honest candid things that have me in my funk... i decided to delete them.
this is the internet people... some things are too personal!

tomorrow... im gonna find my groove.
or at least im going to try.
im going to focus on the positive & happy things...

like our vacation!

this may seem like a terrible photo to post.
my little man crying - pirate face and all.
but i adore how this moment shows just how little he still is.
still my little baby.
not the big bad tough guy he tries to be.
he was petrified.
he tried so hard to be tough and not scared.
but he was.
i snapped this photo without him knowing.
as he slipped his hand into mind quietly, with tears flowing down his cheeks through his pirate beard.
he is still in there... my sweet jackabie!

jack was in the right spot at the right time.
he got the key!

here we are looking for "pirate pete", the mean pirate looking to have a *water* fight with us.

captain jack!

these little clams were all over the floor of the ocean as the tide came in.
they freaked me out.
they dig into the sand, you can see them digging.
there are millions.
sam insisted on eating them.

he is such a beach bum.

he rolled this digger around all week.

yes... that is my son and husband being swallowed by the ocean.
deep cleansing breaths.

when did my little man get so big!?!?!?

i'm so smitten with him!
he wore this robe every day after his outdoor shower post beach.

happy thoughts!

Sunday, July 25, 2010


im back!
vacation was ...
well let's be clear on the term

as defined by the websters dictionary is:
"a respite or time of respite from something;
a period of exemption from work granted by employee;
i.e. had a restful vacation at the beach"

i copied this from the actual merriam-webster dictionary.

let me be clear.
i did not rest.
i was not granted exemption from work in any way shape or form.
{i believe work load may have actually been increased}
and there was minimal respite.

husband not working?
family memories?
big time!

but the confusion with the term "vacation" is a bit of a problem for me.
if my brain weren't so foggy i'd invent a new term... like 'kidcation' {but that is lame} and i'd be an overnight blog-mogul!
but ... im fried and admist piles of laundry and sand!

so we are back.
we had a blast.
im exhausted.
and struggling to get my head back in the game...
as if i hadn't been struggling before this so-called-vacation...
now i'm doomed!

i didn't really work on you capture.
but i did get one great photo in black & white...
my godson/nephew.
he lost another tooth while we were away.
could you just eat up that toothless perfect grin!
i struggle accepting he is loosing teeth...
it seems like just yesterday he was enjoying his first summer in avalon...

so as previously mentioned... im struggling to get it together so here is a preview of a couple of my favorite photos from the kidcation!

don't blink!
a rare photo of me and my boys!
{stay tuned this week for a post about this topic}

we went to the inlet in sommers point, nj.
they had these hanging in the bar.
i LOVED them.
i should have asked where they got them from.

we went on a pirate excursion in Ocean City, NJ.
{another post to follow on that too... it was a MUST MUST do}

and this is my little beach bum.
he loves the beach.
and i love watching him enjoy the beach.
i do not love chasing him around the beach.
and preventing him from ingesting inedible objects incessantly.


im off to dream of a REAL vacation which would consist of no laundry, perfectly behaved children... or maybe even no children, island bliss, cocktails and days of stress and care free fun!
in the meantime i will enjoy the amazing memories of my kidcation!

Monday, July 19, 2010


we are on vacation.

vacation used to be carefree.
sleeping in late.
late night drinking.
dinners out.
strolling along shopping and moseying in & out of stores.
after beach naps.

and now that we have kids.
vacations are
full of activities.
so much so that you often never sit down til the end of the day.
walking babies in strollers praying they will fall asleep so you can catch a few minutes of sun in your chair with your face in the sun {as opposed to shoulders & back in the sun from chasing said babies}
early early "alarm clocks".

but ... they are also full of
cute sandy toes {and tushes... and any other crack, crease, or fold you can think of}
copertone smelling sun drenched skin.
outdoor showers.
licks off their ice cream cones to help them so it doesn't drip.
sand condos {jack's new version of castles}
watching my little man learn to ride the waves on his belly.
helping my littlest man learn to walk in ebb & flow of the ocean as it comes in & out & throws off his balance... as he gathers endless seashells & rocks ... puts them in his mouth & spits them back out.
salty kisses.
and sunrises {refer to above comments about early risers}.
my littlest man saying "ni-ni" {night night} and learning to say "shhh" with his finger up to his lips in this amazingly precious way that makes my heart skip a beat every single time he does it.
snuggley littles at the end of the day because they are exhausted & thankful for all the fun they had as they whisper, "i just love the beach momma".
and they, i mean i, fall asleep as soon as their heads hit the pillow.

as in everything in life.
there are good & bad things that come with the territory.

so... for the rest of the week we are off enjoying the beach and our family!
stay tuned for pictures of those sandy toes and fun memories!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

you capture... "vehicles"

we had a crazy busy week.
my best friend visited from North Carolina with her almost 5 year old son.
we packed loads of fun into the weekend for the boys.

so here is my you capture take on vehicles
through the eyes of
two little boys
whose mommy's are best friends
as they get to know each other
on a whirlwind visit together in New York & Connecticut!

benjamin had his first NYC taxi ride!
he was awe struck.

i love this.
they were more interested in playing with their new vehicles
than taking in manhattan!

this is my favorite photo.
if i were a real photographer
i would call it
serenity admist choas {through the eyes of two 4 year old boys}
they found a shady spot while we were walking around times square.
they were hot.
and sweaty.
and just simply wanted to play with their new rides!

and only in NYC, can you spy with your eye in the car
a taxi, double decker bus and horse drawn carraige all at the same time!

and their creations with tiny legos
{i forced the flash in this shot because i could not get the photo i wanted- boo!}

it was a wonderful weekend!
i'm still trying to recover from the monster sized fun we had!


check out i should be folding laundry and you capture!
a great blog!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

rainbow happy goodness!

do you get lost on the internet?
i totally do!

i sit down... give myself a 15 minute window, maybe 1/2 hour.
the next thing i know...
its a LOT LOT longer!

typically i feel guilty about it.
but i find great ideas!
and i don't watch tv really at all these days.
and there is a sense of commraderie in the blog world,
don't you think?

like when you read other peoples thoughts, dreams, ideas, vents, etc...
you can relate.
or empathize.
or sometimes i have a little laugh at what other people share, thinking, are they for real!?
or a laugh because they are hilarious.

recently, i got lost.
and found this idea for rainbow pudding pops.

did you ever have the jell-o pudding pops back in the day?
i can't find them anymore!

i loved them... they had that icey covering on them that was so yummy!

so we tried to make our own!

here is our venture into rainbow happiness!

the yummy pudding cooking.
i have not made pudding in, well, a long time.
it smelled so amazing!

my helper mixing up the colors
{i had a lot of trouble with my camera this day. the settings with f/s and iso were all screwy for some reason}

i screwed up purple big time (bottom left... sorta more like brown... do NOT overdue blue. can't go backwards on that!}

how yummy and fun?!?!?!

jack thought so!

so did sammy!

although he kind of seemed to think they were more fun to paint with!
they scream happy summer thoughts!

sam had it everywhere!!!!

it was a fun activity to do with jack.
and fun for the rest of us to enjoy!
and i made too many... not being sure how many the recipe would make.
i took some to the babysitters house for her and her sisters... i felt like betty crocker!

and then AFTER i made them.
i saw a post on a blog i visit almost every day that she made them.
i know i just found them off another person's blog.
but i was kind of proud of myself that i did something that she thought was cool.
totally ridiculous, i know.
but true.

happy making!

Thursday, July 8, 2010

home of the free BECAUSE of the brave!

i have had one of those days

i wasn't even going to post tonight because i just feel like the grumpies got me.
i woke up with BIG plans.
the weather was iffy and everything went down hill from there.
things turned around a bit for a while.
and then ended with a thump.

do you sometimes just find yourself thinking:
"how did i get here?"
i adore my children. i feel very very blessed in life. they amaze me with every move they make. just like every other mother out there!

but the day in and day out monotony of being a stay at home mom exhausts me at times.
little things start to bug me... like hearing jack say "mooooom, phineas and ferb are..."
or sam moaning under my feet.
or jack complaining he is bored {after a day of swimming, playing, swinging, arts & crafts, etc}
i know im blessed to be home with them.
and often times i love the very special moments we share.
for those im eternally grateful.
there are also lots of times i just want everyone to stop talking-crying-whining for a moment and cooperate!
too much to ask?!!?

apparently ;)

so you capture this week was appropriately "america".
i love america.
always have!
i cry when they raise the american flag!
feel strongly that EVERYONE should sing when they play the national anthem.
i have family who serve our country.
love apple pie, my mom, hot dogs, red, white & blue, bike rides, and freedom!

here are some highlights from our weekend... celebrating america!

nothing better than an old fashioned bike parade in the center of our town!
we decked out our bikes with some of our greatest friends and walked in the parade.
a perfect way to honor our country!

only in america does stuff like this happen ;)

in america... you get to paint your god daughters perfect little 10 month old piggies red to celebrate!

in america you get to go to the beach at dusk with your bestie to watch the fire works!
{i adore this photo. absolutely adore it. i love how it shows their personalities and just how much they love one another}

you can snuggle on your mom's lap while watching in awe as the boom into the sky.
i loved this moment.
around us were some "young loves" snuggled under the fireworks romantically.
i reminisced of those moments with my hubbie. it made me smile.
but then i thought... how lucky am i!
this experience with my son. sitting on my lap. watching the sky light up in honor of our freedom. he asked a million questions about how they went off, talked about which ones he liked the best, and just wanted to learn more about it. periodically i got a sweet little snuggle or kiss {he was really tired...but i like to think they were just because}. it was such a deeper love than i ever felt before. so unconditional. nothing else. at all.
while i was sad my hubbie had to go back home with the baby and miss the 4th celebration.
i felt so very fortunate to have that experience with my little man!

and who couldn't love this exhausted face!
only in america do you get to stay up past 11 pm to see the fireworks!

sorry about my brutal rant!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

our little heaven!

we go to avalon new jersey for our family vacations.
we are lucky enough that my hubbies parents have a home there.

jack looks forward to it so much!
above, he on the run to see the sunset at the bay!

avalon is tradition.
i love tradition.
total sucker for it!

my husband spent his summers there his entire life.
now we go as often as we can.

its hard with sam being a baby still.
although, this is the first summer i can see, with jack, the light at the end of the tunnel!

he is old enough to understand...
sleep is a must.
spending the day at the beach is perfection.
he loves to talk about morning trips to Wawa for donuts with his pop.
he loves the "5 & 10 store" where he can get great cheap toys.
ice cream is a must.
bike rides are great.
there are touristy things to do.
family... he gets to see tons of family while we are there!
his enthusiasim makes the 3 and a half hour plus car ride a smidge more manageable.

i dreamed of this picture.
my boys.
in avalon.
in their adorable madras swim suits from gap kids.
{well i dreamed of them posing perfectly for a great picture without the complete obnoxious level of over exposure... but i'll take what i can get}

to get to the beach... you have to schelp through the dunes.
the dunes are a brutal walk. i find the walk to the beach torture.
every time i moan.
i begin to think and sound like a total princess/prima donna/spoiled bratt... self admittedly.

the air does not move in the dunes. its dead humid air. buggie. and some tough hills to push a double jogger up.

but then.... just as i want to throw myself down on the ground and stomp my feet that i don't want to walk anymore...
your feet hit beautiful soft sands.
you can feel the ocean breeze.
the smell is perfectly familiar and comforting.
all my senses go on over drive in the best way possible.

i forget about the crying and tired kids, sweat from the walk, long car ride, stress i insist on taking on from being on vacation, and everything else that stresses me out about being away...
and i can see this...

a dolphin was swimming right off the shore as we walked out of the dunes onto the beach.
its like the reward at the end!
makes it all worth it.

all of our stresses and struggles and weekly bump and grind drama dissipates.

my husband plays in the ocean all day with the kids.
teaching them how to surf, fish, and stay safe in the ocean.

and play in it!

and jack's excitement when he finally gets it!

its just so amazing!
{terrible editing on this photo!}

this boat is also tradition.
every child has their picture with it.
we have family photos in front of it.
jack's favorite toy in avalon is a toy replication of the boat.

sandy toes are a requirement.

the curiosity and wonder in sammy's every move as he explores and learns what this little piece of heaven our family has is all about.
pure unadulterated joy.
there are sleepy toes in the stroller after playing hard in the ocean and sand.

jack seems to worship the soft sands at the beach.

so much so that he literally rolls in it.
and lays here just playing.

i love how dirty he is.
and he just does not care!

adorable sandy fingers helping daddy fish.

this butterfly just hung out at the house all week.
it was beautiful!
stayed still for pictures and for jack to get a great look at her!

we are blessed.
i love avalon... more and more with each visit {for more pictures of this getaway follow the link... and stay tuned too because there are future trips planned}

hope your enjoying your summer vacations and staycations too!