Thursday, December 22, 2011

i miss my blog!

well, it has been a long time since i wrote on this blog. 
life got busy... and i lost track of it some how. 
but it is always in the back of my head... tugging at me. 
i like to share things, i'm sort of a "public" person- where my feelings on my sleeve kind of girl. 
and this blog was a type of outlet for me... me thinks i shall begin dabbling again! 

this time of year brings such time of reflection.
of what the year gave to me, us, our family. what things we accomplished, the trials we hurdled, and the memories we have made. with this year marking the "year of firsts" after my dads passing, some how i find myself somewhat... correction... very emotional this holiday. it has caught me off guard. i miss him terribly. 

my family has done great things this year... despite what seems like the most unhealthy year of our lives with our family of 4... we have purchased a home, settled in to make it feel like our own, the tooth fairy has come twice, a new talker has entered the family {with quite an opinion i may add}, we have learned things and grown, we are blessed. i love looking through our pictures, its such a time of reflection. of all we have done. it some how reminds me of the things i didn't get done too... there is always next year! maybe instead of a summer to do list i should make a 2012 to do list. not a new years resolution... but just things we'd like to do. a check list! 

i have begun working on our annual yearbook album i make every year. 
here is a peek at my favorite pictures from our 2011 {in no particular order}... 
me & my main squeeze on our way to charlotte to visit my bff 

my boys!

my three loves

i love this kid. he is so spirited... full of life!

a halloween trick... snow!

watch out momma!

first day of school for sammy!

first tooth!

summertime fun & memories

rainy days

christmas tree ligthing 2011

one of my favorite pictures. unedited. my monkey in a beautiful fall tree. 

this is what it is all about!

what i look like all the time to others!

tooth fairy prep!


HUGE snow storm... and that baby face! 

fall love.

batman & robin

miss you dad... 

sam picking a perfect one

my new obsession!

sam at my sisters house



tired fireman

the perfect night. 

summtime fun

brotherly love

keeping busy during the long months of winter

silly boy

crazy boy!!

god bless america.

my love.

a future fashionista

first day of kindergarten!


a beautiful day  in avalon

happy 5th birthday to my baby



too cute

me and my sammy

our family. vacation. avalon. 2011