yours truly

this blog has become a sort of outlet. a journal for me.
i am passionate about photography. i fully enjoy capturing life's moments. from big things to small. a historian of life if you will. i am self-taught. i hate the pressure of capturing moments. i almost sabotage them without knowing it. i have a new camera from santa. it is an animal. im overwhelmed by it and my goal is to master it... in full manual without stress and frustration.
i am honest and candid.
i like to type in all lowercases.
parenthood was shocking to me on so many levels.
{not shocking as in i was surprised to become a parent ~ shocking as in rocked my world}.
i am sarcastic.
i worship 90210 reruns.
i have the most amazing family & friends support  network.
i love to cook... if i had more time i would do it more often!
red velvet cupcakes make me really REALLY happy.
i have two boys. i am outnumbered! there is never a dull moment.
i married my high school sweet heart... he is my best friend. he drives me crazy but my life is complete with him on by my side!
most recently, my father died, it has impacted me in ways that i would never have imagined. changed who i am. forced me to enjoy life, hug the ones i love tighter & more often.
if you have questions or love to give email me at