Wednesday, January 4, 2012

busy brain.

i have words in my brain. 
a LOT of them.
and no pictures to post.... so its appropriate! 

do you get busy brain? 
you know, when you literally can not stop thinking of things.
things you want to do, change, see, try, organize, buy, fix, etc.... 
your thoughts are a runonsenctencethatkeepsyouupatnight? 

i do!!!!! 
so here it goes, in an effort to cleanse my brain and acquire a good nights sleep! 

first... and most fun, i am obsessed with pinterest. have you tried it? you should. well, you shouldn't, and your list of to-do's & feeling of productivity will thank me later! 
i can not get away from it! recipes, crafts, words, ideas, decorations, inspirations... oh it is so fun! 
i wake up thinking about it! it is a problem. 

next... i have taken a self-imposed break from facebook. i make the rules. but the jist of it is i have had some conversations recently that have turned me away from it. without thought, on facebook, i focus on the people who respond to my posts with comments or likes. i often will post something... maybe a thought or question, and i have an idea of who will respond and communicate with me in regards to my post or update. what throws me off, and has turned me away, are those that do NOT comment. that read, file it in their heads, and make comments in person later. often times harmless comments... a simple "oh yea, i saw that on facebook". and in my head im thinking, stalker!!! i didn't know you saw that. and then i remind myself there people who read and don't comment. hence, the self imposed break. if you want to see my kids... come visit! if you want to know whats shaking, give a call! just sayin'! and so far, 4 days into my self-imposed break... it feels good!!!! i feel free. i have redirected my thoughts i shared on facebook to the people i want to share them with. the "mobile uploads" get sent to the people i WANT to see it {mainly my hubby}. and it feels nice to redirect my connection to people. 

and moving on.... new year. resolutions. i don't really like them. its a set up for failure. who actually follows through with them?? 
BUT.... i do find the new year a huge time for nesting in my house. assessing what has happened in your previous year. 
the highs.
the lows. 
lessons learned.
memories made. 
goals accomplished.
and then, my friends, it is a good time to press the reset button and start anew! 
that is what i plan to do in twenty-twelve. 

i will share some throughout the year here on my blog and some ... well, ill keep those to myself. 
i feel like i have a thousand blog posts in my head right now. 
ideas for our house. 
things with the kids.
photography thoughts and learnings. 
life changes. 

stay tuned my little pretties!

1 comment:

  1. it's about time you came back.

    Funny you mention the facebook thing... I was just thinking the other day that I wanted to go through my friends list and pretty much delete... well a good number of people. I never see them, I never talk to them, I haven't in years..... why are they privy to my life? I honestly love FB to share my daily crazyness with close people... I can't call them all day long, most have jobs, LOL.. so facebook helps with that. they can catch up with me.. hehe!

    glad you are back
    I can stalk you here!