Thursday, January 12, 2012


my favorite color for as long as i can remember was red. 
my girls wore the most perfect shade of red for our fall wedding. 
i have big regrets about not wearing red shoes at my wedding. at the time, almost 10 years ago, it was too risky. now its in. i was almost ahead of the fashion time just once in my life! but i chickened out and batted my eyes at my dad to buy the most inappropriately priced pair of perfect diamond white shoes for one day! wished they were red! 
i had a red kitchen once.
i love all things red! 

i had boys. 
two of them. 
i am outnumbered. 
everything in my life is BOY! 
i do not relate to boys. 
everything is blue {or actually my oldests favorite color is "beige"... not a joke}

so my favorite color is now becoming a few shades lighter and i dream of pink. 

boys are.... 

rough. messy. intense. physical. obnoxious. they find potty humor far funnier than i ever can. they get dirty. they smell... STINK! 
they don't care what they look like. 
there is not a single solitary thing dainty about them. 
they leave stuff everywhere. 
then there is the bathroom. 
isn't it bad enough that I have to clean up from their misaiming? 
this morning, in a cold half sleepy stumble i ran into the bathroom to pee really fast and run back to my warm cozy bed. 
the pee'er before me MISSED... and that meant not only did i have to sit on a cold seat... it was a WET seat. 

so i spent my day today dreaming of pink. 
some day i will have a pink bathroom all to my own. 
pinterest has allowed me to dream even bigger! 
it will say "girls only" on the door. 

in the meantime, while i save for my very own pink bathroom... 
and in the words of the boys' preschool teacher "watch your pee'ers!" BOYS! 

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