Monday, January 10, 2011

365... but not so much with the day to day

so, does it count if my 365 pictures don't get posted every single day but i update as i have time?

hope so! 
i am enjoying my challenge. it has forced me to be creative already 10 days in. 
i really need to get my act together and take a few online courses to master my new baby {camera that is}

day 4.
this is what my house looks like at dinner time with three kids!

day 5.
the view from our room at our stratton, vt gettaway with our bff's. sans kids. enough said!

day 6. 
hot tub after skiing.

day 7.
my loves.

day 8.
note "mr. bear" in the extra booster seat. he is a bear that gets to go home with each child, and keeps a journal of what he does the entire time he is with you. jack was the LAST kid to get him. it killed him to wait! and while 'mr bear' is super cute in theory... and even how much each kid glows as they march out of school with 'mr. bear' under arm and his giant back-kack {as jack says} on their backs weighing them down. 
i... well... i find him really icky. full of germs, dust, & mold. 
am i a bad mom?
i am going to say no because several other mom's confessed the same feelings. and apparently i'm not the only loon who did 'mr. bear's' laundry. he he!

day 9.
ok- i confess. i forgot today. so i was gonna "fake it" tomorow. but that is breaking the rules. so... i looked up and saw this... my glass of wine, my cell phone & the baby monitor. very important things because
1. sam is very sick and the monitor is needed
2. my phone is sitting there waiting for the dr to respond to me regarding aforementioned #1.
3. the wine is to ease the blow of the fact that one of my kids is sick ... again!
{i think my narrative is better than the photo}
and ps- i HATE taking pictures at night. i like natural light! but this was taken without a flash... which is one of the many reasons i heart my new camera!
day 10.
my little man hard at work.

i have nothing else important to ad today. 
my littlest man is sick. im tired. i don't do well without a full nights sleep... have i mentioned that before? 

sweet dreams! 

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