Monday, January 3, 2011

i will...

i will not make a resolution. 
{although, proudly, last years resolution was met!}

quite frankly, i would prefer to think of them as goals. 
the end of the year is a natural time to reflect & contemplate.
accomplishments, defeats, good times & bad, things that made you laugh & cry. worry & rejoice. 

2010 has been... well, the worst year of my life. 
i can honestly say, there is not one year in my life that the combination of events would lead me to say these words... "this was the worst year of my life". 

but it is true. 

having said that. i feel blessed. i feel, i don't know, maybe mature, in being able to say those words without nearing a nervous breakdown. in a brief nutshell, my baby had surgery {just for tubes in his ears- but scary either way}, my brother had melanoma 3 times removed, my godson fought for his life at 9 months old- it was the scariest few days and weeks i ever experienced, my son battled a chronic cough for going on 4 years prompting us to change pediatricians and pulmonologists. i attended the funeral of a 2 year old baby. and as if all these things were not stressful enough, on top of other day to day life stresses... my dad died suddenly. these are the things i remember the most out of 2010. 

but... my brother survived cancer multiple times. 
my son got tubes and can now hear and is no longer in pain.
my godson survived not only his initial surgery, but the emergency second surgery and fought off the terrible life threatening infection he had!
and on the very last day of this year the new team of dr's think they finally have discovered the problem for the mystery chronic cough. 

so i can see i am blessed. there were good outcomes. i keep my eye on the silver lining. the small things in life that i treasure and value. 
my boys. my family. my friends. this past year has opened my eyes to those who rise to the occasion. and...well... those who did not! 

i have goals for 2011. not a resolution. because there is always 2012 *God willing*! 
i'll spare you the mundane 'goals' of get healthy, be a better mommy/wife/friend/etc... 

but in an effort to learn from this past horrible year... which has mainly taught me life is short and to treasure the small moments. and how important taking photos of the ones you love is- as in a blink of an eye those around you could be gone and all you have left is the pictures in your hands and the memories in your heart. 
so.... i woke up on 1/1/11 and decided i am taking on the task of a year in photos. 
365 pictures. one a day. for a year! 
my goal is that this project *goal* will remind me to embrace the small things. revel in a smile. capture a mannerism of my littles. document our year. 

so ... on january 3 (362 days to go)... here are the first 3! 

day one.
sledding with daddy.

day two.
yummy salad {tuna, lettuce, onion, apple, cranberry, oil, & cider vinegar} 
this represents my strive to eat healthy after 2 solid months of emotional eating.

day three.
first day of karate. he broke a board with his fist! 
i cried.

here is to kicking 2010 to the curb!
bring it on 2011, i am ready for ya!
stay tuned! 

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