Wednesday, January 19, 2011

big day

i have nothing important to write.
some random thoughts and pictures to share. 
i am hoping, not promising, but hoping to get back to some goal oriented things in the upcoming weeks here on this blog! 
just hoping though! 

today was a big day. 
hopefully the beginning of the end. for over 3 years now we have battled with what i begrudgingly refer to as the "mystery cough" of my little man's. 
for almost 3 years straight his team of doctors insisted on treating him for asthma. 
for 3 years straight i continued to say "he doesn't respond to inhalers. i do not think this is in his lungs. it is in his nose". 
for 3 straight years doctors insisted he had asthma or reactive airway disease.
for 3 straight years they insisted i give my child a plethora of drugs to address his 'asthma'. when i say that i have a pharmacy in my medicine cabinet. this is no joke. 
you know, doctors are always right. at least this is typically my philosophy. i trusted his doctors. i began to feel literally INSANE. i posted here about it. i heard his cough begin and i shuttered at the mere thought of sleepless nights, his cough to puke response, and the emotional exhaustion that would set in feeling completely and utterly helpless to my baby as he lay on the bathroom floor, asking for a steamy shower and apologizing for throwing up on his bed at 2 am, as we clean vomit and call the dr's. over and over and over and over. 
and over. 
i finally made the decision to change pediatrian's and voila... life has changed.
she has completely rocked our world. i could write a book about our experiences, both good and bad, to date regarding this. 
i will fast forward to the good stuff though... our new pediatrician, dr elin cohen, sent us to get a second opinion from a new pulmonologist. we met dr kayani and he believed me. he listened to me. the MOTHER. it was amazing. i cried. good tears this time... not the kind of tears i cried leaving other dr offices. he said that first day he was pretty sure he knew what it was but wanted to rule out a few other things first because his hypothesis required a blood test that none of us felt my little man would sit through. but quickly we got that test {he sat through it} and dr kayani was RIGHT! 
jack has a bacteria in his body that prohibits him from fighting off sinus infections {he was recently diagnosised with chronic sinusitic... NOT ASTHMA!} it is called streptococcus pneumoniae. so today he got his vaccine that will hopefully be the answer to our prayers! 

adios "mystery cough". i will not miss you. you were not invited. i loathe you quite frankly. you have tortured my baby and myself and family for moving on 4 years plus now. you have ruined vacations and made my little man cranky and tired ... and me too! you have resulted in him having to be poked and prodded and tested and treated for things unnecessarily...  you have caused stress and fears. do not come back. 

picture 19 for project 365.
the vaccine!

wow. my post DID have a purpose after all. 
you sit down to write and suddenly you feel better!
here are a few pictures of life around here lately. 
apparently connecticut is the new north pole. 
jack in our driveway.
i have never seen so much snow in my life! it came up to his hips. almost impossible to play in.

this is my front steps. 
you can not see them. i am pretty sure we will not have access to them until approximately april or may?!

my rosey cheeked main man. 
he plays hard. hence the snow-filled hat, red cheeks, and jacket covered in snow.

nothing better than neighborhood friends... they made a "quarry" that was full of tunnels out of the snow mounds from the snow plows.

our street.
so peaceful & serene. 

he eats snow.
a LOT of it.
do you think that is bad?

our neighbor julia {sammy's love} jumping off snow mounds

monkey see monkey do!

here is to spring! 

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  1. awesome all around. I hope that vaccine works and the mystery cough is gone for good.
    the pictures are great too, of course. Last snow storm, Kai was playing out there, fell back and couldn't get himself up, so he sat there for 15 minutes eating snow, saying yummmm!! with every mouth full, completely happy!