Monday, September 13, 2010

fall cleaning...

i think i have mentioned just a few times that fall is my favorite season.
fall compliements me.
simply, i have a love affair with fall.

my 14 year old neighbor/babysitter declared the other day "you get in your baking mode in the fall"

i love that she knows that!

i have begun my fall "nesting".
at this time this morning, the stars, planets and everything else aligned themselves and BOTH (you read it right BOTH) of my boys were STILL sleeping.

i was able to take a few sips of coffee without refereeing or preparing their breakfasts.
i unloaded the dishwasher without monsters helpers.
i was up & showered and ready to take on the day before them.
that makes a huge difference.

today was the first day of school for jack.
i adored having a purpose for our morning, a goal.
routine + me= happiness!

this little guy was excited about the first day! 
he now says "TEEEESE" for cheese!
his idol... jack, was in the bathroom making a mess getting ready and he was not thrilled to be left out!

getting him to pose is impossible! this is why i have no good pictures of him.
just action shots!

so busy looking out for all their friends they couldn't stop for a picture!

i can't believe he started his last year of preschool today.
suddenly, my little baby boy, seems SO big!
my cup is full!

so my most recent project!
this is the problem....
what, the messy deck?? NO!
the open deck. 
for sam to escape! 
and believe me, he does! 
and gates don't even necessarily stop him. 
yesterday i found him several houses down, after escaping the gate at his cousins house.

against my husbands every wish.
i built my own gate!
i could not buy one, they don't make them long enough to fit & be compatible with the elements!

i borrowed my neighbors circular saw (i did not know the word for it until this day)

i had a very useful apprentice!

this picture is deceiving as it eludes to the fact that my husband was involved or did it.
not the case. i am the handy member of this family.
we all have strengths, his is not handy work! 
his father showed up mid-chaos and said "why is he watching the kids and your building?"
i just looked at him and pleasantly responded "because he is better at that"
but his muscles were needed a few times!

jack takes after his mommy ;)

and... the finished product!
it is not level.
not perfect.
but i did it all for under $70.
and i am quite proud of my work!!!!!!

and love that sammy is locked on the deck!

so there you have it!
i have a few other things i have been working on!
and life is getting back to normal... so stay tuned my friends!



  1. adorable boys you got there! bravo to you for the gate. wish i was as handy as you. :)

    ~ash's mum aka your newest follower

  2. This is BEYOND IMPRESSIVE!! Way to go!