Wednesday, September 15, 2010

home made ice cream!

i have a few "unfinished" projects recently.
not that i didn't finish them.
but really that i got wrapped up in the moment {or forgot & got distracted may be more reasonable} and didn't finish photographing them! 

life has been crazy busy lately.
i have lots of "balls in the air" so to speak. 
lots of decisions to make and possible changes in my future. 
its very exciting, all consuming & overwhelming all at the same time!

so i made ice cream ;)
obviously the perfect fix!

i used the recipe from the cuisinart booklet the ice cream maker comes with! 

vanilla bean! did you have any idea that vanilla beans are outrageously priced!
like the gucci of the "spice isle"! 

i also have these adorable mixing bowls from william sonoma a few years back.
i loved that they were pink... since i'm very outnumbered by testosterone in this house i figured i was entitled to a set of pink mixing bowls!

while making this ice cream, i suddenly noticed that...
when i crack the egg on the above side of the bowl, i always get the egg white dripping down the side and i think its gross. 

and when i crack it on the "handle" side... it drips right into the bowl! YEAH!!!!!
i thought i hit the jack pot of ideas! the little things that get me going!!!

as it cooks it is thin and white at first

and then becomes more yellow & custard like.
the problem is... when you are taking pictures for your blog, you run the risk of over cooking the mixture... and then you have ice cream that is more like.... well... creme brulee. 
could be worse problems to have!

and apparently i was too busy consuming said ice cream to take finished photos!

i wish i had planned better... the process of making your own ice cream, start to finish... is much longer than anticipated. 
{freezing the canister, cooking, setting, time in the maker, and then it needs more time in the freezer... i found overnight was best}

so.... added to my fall to-do list {which is way more fun than my summer to do list} is make ice cream again, pumpkin at my neighbor/baby-sitters request!
stay tuned!

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