Saturday, September 4, 2010

good morning

good  GREAT morning! 

this week's you capture, a few days late, is "morning".

this morning we woke up and went for a hike at the local audobon center in town. 
we went with my best friend since i was 4. 
we grew up in the woods together- our homes adjacent to one another. 
so our walk was very remeniscent of our days spent in what we fondly refer to as 
"the woods"
"the woods" is a place. a specific path that connected her house to mine, through the woods and a swamp. we played for hours and hours and hours in "the woods".

i took this photo of our boys, at almost the same age as when we met! 

the kiddies running on the trail!

the little friends on the lake!

we let sammy out of the stroller ... he didn't quite want to stay with the group!

abby and jackabie! i love how he snuggles her right in!

the morning light coming through the trees

this may be my favorite! i am self-teaching myself to shoot in manual only. it is very hard in certain lights!!!! 

a stroller, a daddy, a daddy with a baby on front and a big kid... all on the planks!

nervous nelly on the planks!


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  1. Looks like a great morning, indeed! I love the turtle shot and the leaves/spider web shots. Beautiful.