Tuesday, September 7, 2010

last hoorah!

summer is over... not officially but, you know!

and let me tell you I WORSHIP FALL!

i even transform... "fall robyn"
my 13 year old babysitter and neighbor declared excitedly today: "i love fall. its my birthday and you get into your baking mode!"

score! at least someone enjoys my treats!
i can not wait.
football is starting to pop up on the tv. the nights are getting cooler! it just makes me happy even thinking about the mere thought of crisp days, snuggling on the couch, little boys with sweatshirts, using the oven again... i love it!

but we had a great summer. aside from the sammy being a bit of a handful and into every. single. thing. he could find. summer was great.

recently we made it to avalon for one last HOORAH!!!!
we were lucky enough to take my parents. it was so special for my mom to enjoy a place so near & dear to our family. my sister also crashed the get away and stayed at a local hotel {scoring some major deal on some internet vacation site}.......
we packed the long weekend full of beach time, dinners out, shopping, ice cream, beach... and more beach!

this was our first night eating out... at the windrift. 
it sits right on the dunes & overlooks the water. jack has never been out to eat in avalon.
he got a strawberry daquari.
this photo scares me for his "future".

this is why dad's are WAY more fun than mom's!

the seagulls in avalon are aggressive.
by this i mean... they have literally taken the food out of my hand as i was putting it in my mouth. 
scary stuff!

nothing more funnier than a little boy sticking his finger out from under being burried... and giggling 
"do you see a wittle fingerrrr?"

this was a series of pictures. im learning to shoot on manual! self-teaching for now.
f/13, 1/320, iso 100. i did not edit! YEAH! too bad my "subject" was screaming at the shells!

my sweet little man helping his pop pop to the car because he forgot his cane. 
i adore him when he does things like this on his own. it makes my heart ooze.
behind the tough, wild & crazy boy... is a intensely sweet empathetic boy!

the fishreman's pier.
best breakfast in town!
you're not allowed on the pier. but the owner let me sneak out. i had no time to fix my settings hence the overexposed background.

i love this photo... not because its a great photo. but what it is.
my dad doesn't move around much anymore... and we got him to walk out the dock to sit and watch the hurricane waves come in and surfers. he & jack sat there and took it in. 
i was proud of him for making the walk... and glad jack slowed down for a minute to sit with him.
and glad he got to see what avalon is for us.

mom & dad! 

this visit to avalon was just before the hurricane. the waves were insane and the sea treasures on the beach were equally as cool!

my nephew! 
now if only i knew how to edit that man in the background out! 

me & my sister at the pool sippin cocktails!

sea treasures... dolphins! 

jackabie decorated the fence for his nonna with pine cones for when she returned!

my love!

a rare photo of me & my guy!

so long avalon! nothing like a nice send out of 5 plus hours of traffic! 
it was worth it though!

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