Thursday, September 2, 2010

just when you need it!

sometimes a great day comes along just in the nick of time!

yesterday was a nice day. nothing out of the ordinary. but it all just fell into place. we went to a friends house we haven't seen as much as we'd like and it was so pleasant. the kids played... they laughed & had fun! nothing better than kids giggling with laughter as they run around playing. we were able to catch up with my friend... we chatted about kids... and life and all that other stuff! it was so nice! i had no intentions of staying as long as we did but we were all having so much fun it just happened! and i needed it!

then we came home and jack and i played... candly land, cariboo, play doh. i got my phone back up and running {do not hand your 17 month old your cell phone "just for a few minutes" to keep him out of your hair... especially with a cup of coffee in the vicinity!}

i made dinner. BEFORE dinner. that is the key in my house... if i can get dinner made when the baby naps, life  is less chaotic.

i made turkey meatloaf. that is a sure fire winner in our house! a few years ago, a friend of mine read an article somewhere about making them in cup cake pans... this way you could save & freeze them for your children ~ and they are the perfect portion for the littles . i thought the idea was genius! i am not a huge "freezer". i always forget to make enough to freeze, and the few times i do freeze, i forget it is there! but these little guys... i don't forget! and the boys both love them!
especially the square ones... made with this cool square cupcake tin i found at home goods!

{sorry for the terrible photo... i forgot to snap a photo during the daylight hours!}

we played outside after dinner. and just as i was nearing my all set point, my niece showed up to finish off the bedtime routine!

and i went to see eat, pray, love with my bestie. it was nice to go to the movies with just her. no kids. really nice. i liked the movie. not loved. i usually love julia roberts, but i found her to be the wrong actress for this role. it never quite jived for me. but i loved the message of the movie. which is interesting because i did not enjoy the book... and never actually finished it. but the message, balance. love it.

i have a ton of random pictures. i think i'll get myself organized and share soon!

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