Tuesday, August 17, 2010

every day

you capture this week...
very late...
"every day things".

so here is a peek at a few everyday things in our lives.
if i had been feeling better
i would have taken a lot more and been more creative.
but that darn e.coli has gotten me downnnn!

suddenly they play.
and reading is the fun thing of the week to do! 
i adore catching them like this... when there is not an audience.
it happens because they are having fun!

i soak these moments up with every ounce of my soul. 
THIS is what it is all about. 
having more than one child. seeing my children be brothers! 

hide & seek. 
all. the. time. 
and he is good!

i eat my meals with lego creations!

and buzz lightyear & woody somehow made an appearance on my phone!
and my phone is definitely part of my every day life... im addicted to her!

this little tantrum...
i see this way more than i'd like these days!

and he tends to stand UNDER my toes. 
its infuriating. 

and "pruney toes" are the best part of our summer fun days!

that is a lazy look into everyday life at our house!
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  1. Great pictures Robyn! I love that Woody & Buzz have made their way on to your phone - so cute. And hey, better late than never as far as You Capture...I didn't make it last week!

  2. Way cute boys! I really love the Legos shot!

  3. thanks ladies! i should also say- the "fuzzy" quality in my photos is because i'm trying really hard to shoot in just manual mode. its REALLY hard. i was going to put my settings but i was too tired to function last night!

  4. love Jack reading to Sammy :) My kids just mostly fight, it's insanity.
    and Uno loves to play hide and seek except that he hasn't yet figured out that he is not supposed to tell us where he is hiding, lol

  5. Oh, the tantrums. *big sigh* I remember those well. Still a very cute capture. =)