Thursday, August 5, 2010

"i like the things that summer brings"...

i love that book... "summer"
it is a dr seuss book ... but i don't think it is written by him.
jackabie loves it to.

and it is the theme of "you capture" this week too!
and im on time!
things are looking up!

in an effort to pull myself up by the bootstraps
im trying to embrace what is left of summer.

and the things i do enjoy...
last minute trips to dairy queen
dirty tubs at the end of the day from dirty dirty boys...
because in our house, the dirtier the boy, the funner the day {not a word right?}
bike rides
pools..i really really really love swimming.
i long for a pool... amoung many other things too... but a pool may be top five things i dream of daily!
i love visiting with friends.
road trips.
i love random (not consecutive) rainy days that force you to stay in bed and snuggle on the couch {and of course accomplish mounds of chores left undone from summering fun}
i feel like i should say i love the beach... but im not sure i do.
at least this summer, with sammy, i don't.
i'll get back to you next summer!
i love bike rides.
i love watching the boys play with the kids in the neighborhood getting lost in the deep world of imagination!
i love sun kissed skin!

i LOVE that i can walk to this from my house.
i love this harbor.
i adore it.
i love to walk there... and take in the amazing picturesque scene.
its quaint, peaceful, serene, historical, and just perfect!

and these two beauties!
my nephew and niece.
they are still babies in my head.
i used to spend ALL my spare time with them...
then i went and had children and im not so much aunt of the year anymore!
but during the summer i can spend more time with them... which i love!

during the summer we celebrate my baby's daddy's birthday!
we made this cake for him!
it was YUMMY!
i make a really really mean yellow cake with chocolate frosting.
it is only semi-home made!
but a crowd pleaser!

today was dreadfully hot and humid here.
like don't even go outside.
but al roker tells me that it will be a perfecto tomorrow and weekend!
im looking forward to it!



  1. Love the sunset picture and your comment about loving dirty tubs! :)

  2. I'm pretty jealous of your view.

  3. its so amazing!!! i have to pinch myself sometimes. i really need to bring my camera down there at sunset and take more photos of the harbor.
    its not my view from my house to be clear... but this i perfect 5 minute walk away!

  4. You have a beautiful niece and nephew. I would love to be able to walk to those wonderful scenes!

  5. I second Ashley's comment! Great pics!

  6. Oh what a beautiful harbor! The colors in that shot are so calming and peaceful, I love the almost-silhouette and the reflection. Perfection!