Tuesday, August 31, 2010

i think in blog...

do you other bloggers think in blog? 
you know, your experiences, thoughts, feelings, etc... think about how they could be a post? 

i do. 

but lately i'm all over the place. i feel very overwhelmed... and insecure. lots of moving parts in life. i haven't had time to compile my thoughts and blog. i wish i had more time!

i am so very blessed in life.
the bigger picture.
i have healthy children. a wonderful family and amazing circle of friends. 
but the day to day, minutia details of life has gotten me a tad bit overwhelmed these days. the tiny things that happen every day that ad up to a much bigger picture. it will all fall into place. this im sure of. 

i saw a post at at this blog recently that stuck with me tremendously. 

"comparison is the joy thief".

i love everything that means. every way you analyze that statement. all that it stands for and could mean. 
i love it.

on another note... here are some pictures of the memories we have been making these last few days of summer {for which that i am grateful for... i am so ready for fall. Fall Robyn is ready!}

we celebrated my god-twins first birthday! i can not believe they are one! they have taught me that life is short {read there story through that link}. 
life is precious. 
and that you should thank God for your blessings each & every single day!

macy girl enjoying her pink cupcake!

happy birthday babies!

jack and his buddie blake at the super duper weenie truck!

if you do not know what the super duper weenie truck or restaurant is. 
you should look it up.
it is SO cool! so american!
and nothing makes it more fun than the ice cream man!

and my husband... getting in touch with his inner child! 
it was great! his giggle every single time {which was about seriously close to 100 times that day/night} he hit the bottom was priceless!

and mister nathan enjoying his cupcake!

we also took a morning bike ride to the beach up the street.
surprisingly we have not ever done this. it was one of my favorite family moments this summer. just the four of us. together. having fun!

"keep off"
my boys listen well!

we flew a kite! i think that was on our summer to do list! 

which reminds me... i have a few left to check off. better get a move on it!

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  1. I'm loving the new look, although I loved the old look too. I have a hard time with this. I pick a look, I love it, think it will last and then the following week I'm sick of it. and yeah.. I think in blog sometimes :)