Wednesday, August 4, 2010

there is always one.

i am the youngest of 5 children.
and there are 9 grandchildren in my family.
my mom is versed in raising children.
to say the least!

she always says "there is one summer when they are babies that is just horrendous"

this. is. my. summer.

im trying to focus on the positive.
enjoy the milestones and memories.
make the best of it for jack...
because as luck would have it i believe this would be his BEST summer.
but sammy... to the MOON!

he is all over the place.
does not understand no.
eats inedible objects CONSTANTLY.
and is dangerous...
he just walks away.
climbs to the highest heights.
would go face first into the deep end of the pool if i didn't catch him.
or run into traffic.
we are slave to his naps which makes leaving challenging.
and for a multitude of reasons i feel tremendously guilty leaving him behind with a sitter to do fun summer things.

im tired.
i don't sit down from the moment he is out of his crib to the moment he goes to bed.
but i am trying to make the best of it.
savor it all.
but man... im ready for fall robyn!!!!!

but... we do play!
i am very late on you capture but here are my photos.
and thanks for listening to my rant!

the subject was PLAY!

here is jack and his best bud blake... they play hard!

so this is funny... this photo and the next, i played with my camera {my favorite thing to play with} and played with the self timer... we were on our way to a cocktail party and decided to stop for some photos in the harbor {GEEK ALERT} and it was a riot.
the outtakes are hilarious!

but we got some good shots with our besties.

i am desperate to figure out photos at night.
maybe my iso doesn't go up high enough?
i can't even get close!

although i do like this one of the coral and candle.
i'll continue to play with my camera til i figure it out... or get a new fancier one with higher ISO :)

jack and his buddy across the street played for hours on sunday.
its my favorite thing when they get in a groove and are just in their own world for hours.
isn't that what summer is about?
the lined the lattice on our deck with cars... aka... traffic.

it was so cute!

so hope you enjoyed....
happy summering.
happy countdown to fall!
(49 days if you were wondering)



  1. Get your aperture wide open and crank up the iso (1600) if possible. Even then they sometimes don't turn out. I'm hoping to get a mounted flash for mine in the near future to help out. :)

  2. What cute shots - I especially love the last one. I've had a long day so I think I just clicked follow...if not, I apologize for being so scatter brained. I did want to come over and return the comment favor though since you were so nice to visit me today. Hope you're having a great night and I look forward to reading more.

  3. The 1st photo of Jack & his buddy is awesome. I love their candidness. So fun. Have you tried using a tripod for your night-time shot? That always helps me out, assuming you have the ISO cranked and are using a speedlight/flash as well.