Monday, August 9, 2010


i have a few random thoughts and things to share.

first... i had a wonderful night tonight with 2 wonderful friends of mine that i used to work with.
we talked a lot
as therapists would do!
we laughed.
provided therapy... (thank you girls)!
and talked a lot {i said that... but we really talked A LOT!}

it was nice!
i needed it.
makes me really miss work.
i loved what i used to do.
i miss my crazy kids and families.
i was good at my job.
it was challenging, scary, the failure was emmense.
but the rewards... when i could help a child... or a family
that negated all the failures.
which there are lots of when your working with mentally ill children and families.
i miss it.
time to start getting back to some part time work.
the task seems daunting and wildly overwhelming.
i dread interviews... theory questions... oh god!
so so scary.
but i need it for ME!

moving on...
why did i do this to myself???

i have this theory that if you just have this stuff out
a goodies jar...
that we won't be so likely to indulge as often.

this refill i went overboard.
i got my weakness.
sugary gummy goodness.
4 hours after filling i had to move the jar!
not only is it my weakness but jack's also.

the m & m's lasted a LONG time.
not the sugary candy!

it is a good emotional filler for my thoughts and stresses of getting back into the field of working sometime soon...
{and all the other things filling my brain at the moment}

and lastly...
completely randomness.

i live by the beach.
i HATE sand everywhere.
its impossible to clean and just really messy.
i enjoy the beach.
but i really hate the mess.
which is why i always opt for the pool when possible!
it is just cleaner :)

when jack was a baby.
someone taught me the baby powder trick!
it is magic at cleaning sand off.
its amazing.
it brushes off with next to no effort.
a mom at the beach's best friend!

{i had every intention of taking a good photo of the clean feet. but my husband and cranky children were not interested in my efforts! so you'll have to trust me}

take your baby powder with you next time you plan to be sandy!

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  1. I like randomness and sandy toes! and that jar of candy is evil!