Thursday, August 19, 2010

homemade popsicles!

this past week we did some "summer" baking.
which means we didn't really bake!
but we made!

and this went great with this week's you capture theme
"in the kitchen"


i found the recipe in some cooking light magazine i had.
{kudoos to me for actually using my cooking magazines lately!!!}

i love letting the kids eat them!
and i love eating them too!

in a nutshell:
fresh strawberrys pureed with simple syrup {equal parts sugar/water boiled until sugar is disolved}
and then some yogurt (we used stoneyfield ba-nilla}
then i added a banana to what was left of the strawberry's for the top portion.

as i layered, i added a few diced strawberrys after the first layer.
and then some semi-sweet chocolate chips on top of the yogurt as a special surprise!
and you wait...

i will note that the longer you freeze them the better they were.
we tried to eat them the first night and they were too soft.

they were super yummy!
and a healthiER option for dessert.

i can't say i don't like seeing the kids faces as they see our homemade popsicles!

this little guy is my new favorite little.
he is quite possibly the sweetest little man on earth!

it makes me feel like im doing a good job at this whole mom thing when i do something like this every once in a while.
especially since, today alone, i'm pretty sure jack told me he didn't love me about...
50 million times.

i know it is just words.
but to be clear, i have this horrendous stomach bug for going on 20 days now
{e.coli actually... WHO GET'S THAT!?!?!?!}
and my hard working husband worked a ton last week and had his annual fishing trip with the guys this past weekend.
terrible timing.
and i decided it is time to move 'mister trouble' to one nap a day.
{as mentioned a trillion other times on this blog. change and i... not so much!}

so i'm all done.
patience is gone.
and i just want to curl up on the couch and nap all day and mend my body!

but my homemade popsicles... made me feel better for a moment!
even if while doing them these two monkey's stood there chomping at the bit and driving me crazy  being really helpful and sweet!


  1. I told my husband that I wanted to get popsicle makers so I could make pudding pops :) Yogurt would be good too!

  2. Those look great! And the boys are cute.

  3. yum! hope you are feeling better!

  4. Those popsicles look beyond yummy! Hope you feel better soon!

  5. I love home made popsicles! They look so yummy!

    The last photo is my favorite, your son looks so sad because all the popsicles are gone. Time to make more!

  6. So yummy! I ike the molds too. Where'd you get them?