Wednesday, May 12, 2010

and so it began!

so here we are. i have thought about doing this for some time now. i follow blogs like





lets see... i have a 'thing' about lower case font.

i love to cook but wish i had more ambition about it.

i am passionate about pictures. i hate when people say "you have a great camera"... no, its the person behind the camera people!!!

im not crafty. but i'd like to be. i like to shop... but don't have much time for it anymore.

i love to give ... and receive monogrammed gifts.

im sarcastic. and honest. i really hate confrontation. it makes me wildly uncomfortable. i really like things organized.

i find humor in inappropriate things.

i call my mother every single day, by choice.

i am a mom of 2 amazing little boys... i marvel every day at how different they are. and for that i am truly grateful. it keeps me on my toes. there is never a dull moment in my house.

i am the youngest of five. they all still think of me as a baby. and i think of them as babies. but thats for an entirely different blog ;) i love my big family and hate being alone because i grew up with people around... many people.... always. it was nice!

i consider myself very blessed and fortunate in life.

i'm surrounded by amazing people... i have more than my fair share of beautiful friends. inside & out. id be lost forever without them. i believe life should be simple, but sometimes its hard to keep it that way... but i try!!!!!!

sometimes i talk to much... which is obvious to you if your still reading!

i married my high school sweet heart! how lucky am i? ? ? he is the most hard working man ive ever met in my life... that in itself comes with lots of pros & cons........ which leads me to how i came to this place.

"the happily married single momma".

i do it all myself monday through friday. and the weekends come and its a mad dash to spend family time, couple time, me time, and get all the house hold stuff done too. we (me and my little men) bust at the seems at who gets him first (my baby's daddy that is)!

so thats it. well that is the beginning. here i hope to captivate and maybe even inspire you with my antics of a day in our life.... im not complaining (well sometimes i do) i'm just tellin' it like it is!

i always have a camera with me... i have tons of pictures, which i will share here. this is an attempt, one of hundreds, for a picture of my little men... it sums up life perfectly!

stay tuned as i figure this whole blog world out!


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