Friday, May 14, 2010

some crazy weather

today the weather is unpredictable!
when i woke up the sun with shining... an hour later, RAIN! then hot muggy sun. then cool sun. more rain... thunderstorms lurking! Which makes for planning fun challenging!

this is something that keeps jack busy for hours!
BUT: its like occupational therapy and total relaxation for all involved!

how to.... mix corn starch in water. its very bizarre. go slow. get dirty!
(note: you are better off going light on the water and adding as you go. once you add too much you can not go backwards)

here are a few photos of my little man enjoying the moment..... well it was more than a moment, he enjoyed this for hours... which for him is a huge deal!

what do you call these? we call them "pruney fingers" in my family. and jack thought this was way way cool!

and how does this picture not just make you want to get messy all the time!??!?!

stay tuned... happy weekend!

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