Friday, May 21, 2010

climbing is exhausting...

for ME!
meet my baby.

this is sammy... he is

content (except for the first 3 months... that is for another post)
has the most wild hair
looks NOTHING like anyone in our family
loved tremendously
easy going

and suddenly he does things like....


i found him here one day too!

and then the other day i found him here... sitting like a cheshire cat on his chair.
i don't know how he got there!
he thinks he's hilarious!

he climbs everywhere...
i have also discovered him on the couch.
inside the bakers rack on the second shelf.
on top of the train table
and coffee table
on the fort... up the ladder of the swing set!

i can not leave him alone. it's exhausting.

not a fan of his new found skills. its giving me a mild heart attack and causing extreme exhaustion.
he is my baby.
and shall remain that way.
i forgot how bad this stage was.

sometimes i think... "how could he do this? he is my "easy" baby?"

and then i remember that he is related to this child......

this is his big brother jack

sitting on the top of our stairs with his feet dangling down from the landing.
i had a friend over who asked, "is it okay that jack is doing that?"
i snapped a photo first then scolded him!
(i still laugh at her asking if it was OKAY?!?!?!)

my jackabie is a thrill seeker... always has been... sometimes we call him "super jack"

no one said it would be easy!

in the meantime i will just hold my breath and pray they don't get hurt!
happy weekend my friends!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Your boys are A-Dor-a-ble!!!

    PS - I don't watch Grey's Anatomy either....

  2. you should watch grey's... its ridiculous but obsessive!