Monday, May 24, 2010

bravest boy i know

we are very blessed to be surrounded by many amazing people in our lives.

this family... are very dear friends of ours.
we spend a LOT of time with them.
and would be lost without them.
they are... family.

our lives crossed when that little man in the middle and my little man were born.
they are besties.... wheather they like it or not
(which sometimes they do and sometimes they don't!)

those two cuties on either side of him are my god children...
they are twins!

id like you to meet the bravest boy i know!
he was born 6 weeks early in August 2009 (while i was on vacation the little bugger) because his sister, the drama queen that she is, decided she was ready for her debut!

i had never seen something so tiny.
so amazing.
and such a miracle.

he grew fast.... i just LOVE this photograph of him!

nathan has craniostynosis. check out jorge posada's foundation for more information on it.

this past wednesday i spent the day... a very long day... at NYU while this amazing dr operated on him for better than 6 hours.

we prayed.
and prayed some more.
and let's be honest and say we ate some more!

these things helped us through....

there was humor with pickle eating starting at 830 am!
a sweet amazing great aunt to sleeping on the "love chair" in a crowded waiting room which made us all have a good smile.
some elevator mishaps.
ipad envy.
some crazy.
the clock stood still ALL day long.

and because he is a warrior... he did amazing, of course!
finally... the nurse and doctors came out to tell us he did great!

i love how he plays with his toes.

this is my little man sammy at his 1st birthday party...
he didn't smile the entire time.
until his buddies arrived!

this is his twin sister, macy girl, who is just too cute to not share at least one picture of her.
i'd kill for those eyes... or eye lashes!

this is he and i just a few days before his surgery.
he is wearing a shirt that says "lock up your daughters" :)

he is doing great! he whimpers this sad little semi-cry because it just plain sucks... right!?!?!
he should be screaming... i would be.
he is a WAY better patient that myself, or anyone i know for that matter!
he is brave... and courageous!

he is recovering slowly but surely... and is surrounded by so many people who love him!

so as his godmother i feel its my job to ask people to pray for him!
so say a little prayer for nathan today... that his recovery speeds up!
and that life can resume to normal soon :)

and once he is through his recovery...
stay tuned for some more pictures of this amazing bambino!

thanks for stopping by......... and thanks for keeping my little godson in your prayers today.

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