Saturday, May 15, 2010

boys will be boys...


i have spent my better than 4 years of parenting avoiding guns (or anything else highly aggressive)for my first son.

but its innate in him. it continues to suprise me how he figures out cops & robbers, cowboys, army men, good guys & bad guys, etc... its truely part of his nature and being.

i say no guns... he makes a stick, a carrot, a toothbrush or simply his finger as a gun. he knows the sounds it makes. i didn't teach him, we don't watch stuff with guns... its just part of him.

but they scare me... this day & age these things SCARE me.

then i wonder... all this sheltering kids from bad... does it push them to want it more? think about "that kid" you knew in college that went wild when they finally got out from under their parents strict rules.... drugs, drinking, sex, tattoos, etc. not just experimental stuff... you know, that kid who went wild! does sheilding them from guns and violence just push them to want it more.

when i ignore the "poopy talk" it goes away. maybe not 100%, but it lessons.
the times i choose to ignore stuff and catch him being good... the annoying behavior stops.

so anywho... i surrendered! i still cringe every time i hear the sound effects (and i'm sure many grown ups around us are cringing at it too). but im holding out hope the novelty wears off soon and we will move onto other "boy issues"! so many people have said "its what boys do".

so i surrendered! no pun intended!

and he had a blast!

and we have this family across the street, and the 13 year old girl who is FABULOUS with kids, everyone should be so lucky to have her across the street... well she got him playing the game so they were shooting pretend lemonade and soda instead of bullets! GENIUS!

and then there is this guy...

(anyone know how to make this picture view bigger? ive tried for WAY too long! HELP!!!)

this is his uncle... a true army hero, captain in the army... we are VERY proud of him! and my little man thinks the world of him... they are cut from the same thread... adventurous, funny, kind, honorable, brave, athletic, and kids at heart (at times to a fault!).... but who better to learn "army men games" from than your own real army man uncle!

stay tuned my friends!


  1. Why is it that they turn everything into some type of weapon? My boys do the same, doesn't matter how you avoid it...they are creative little guys!

    That is a stinkin' cute costume!

  2. ha... i won this costume at a fundraiser at my son's preschool for a RIDICULOUS amount of money. i got caught up in the moment of the nite ... at least it goes to a good cause!