Thursday, May 13, 2010

raising boys is....

... well... is very "bipolar".


we have coined this "crooked face"... how do you think he gets his face that crooked? we can't figure it out!

**this means no disrespect to those suffering from this illness. im a social worker in my pre-mom days and have the utmost respect for this challenging illness**

today... (just a snap shot... if i captured the entire day we'd be here a long time)

he woke up all snuggly and told me how much he loved me

two seconds later he was literally POUNDING his feet around like a dinosaur... at 615 am.

then gave me the most nasty look ever when i asked him to stop because his brother is sleeping

then had a tantrum because he was told he had to earn back a toy he had lost from previous day

then slammed door

then declared he was not eating

then demanded breakfast?!?!?!?!

i made breakfast. the one he asked for.

then he decided it was NOT what he wanted. at all.

baby fell down 3 steps (he is fine) he scurried worriedly to make sure he was okay... sweet moment!

then he rode around on his brothers ride on toy as if he were on a race track screaming at the top of his lungs....

then simply watching tv quiet as a mouse all snuggled up and professed his love for me.

then i got up to answer the phone and came back to find him punching his 1 year old brother.

he didn't seem to care when sent to his room- which annoyed me further.

(gosh i wish my husband were coming home to deal with this)

then said "momma, can you kiss my boo boo, your kisses make it alllll better"

and that my friends is the one moment in the day that i cling to in order to remain sane.... sane not being the opperative word!

this is him living life to the fullest having 150% fun

ahhh...asleep on the plane! a miracle!

im off to bed shortly... my little man exhausted me today....stay tuned my friends

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