Saturday, May 29, 2010

salute the ones who died...

we all love....
the long weekend.
the bbq's.
the decorations.
the "celebration".
the americana sense around town.
and the ringing in of summer.


memorial day is REALLY not all these things.
it is much more.
it is somber.
it is to remember our fallen heros.
who lost their lives for US.

last year on memorial day we prayed for our hero, my brother in law, who was fighting the war overseas.

this is my little man with his hero, his uncle, several years ago before he left for overseas.
this year we thank God he is home safe.

but there are many soldiers not home safe.
many will never return home.

so in between your parades and backyard BBQ's and celebrations in the comfort of your backyard. with the ones you love.
take a moment to pray for those families who have lost loved ones.
and those families whose men & women are deployed today.

this weekend i will listen to "Chicken Fried" by The Zac Brown Band... with
i will undoubtedly cry when the soliders march by at the parade in town.
i will sing god bless america and the star spangled banner - proudly and loudly!
and i will teach my children about the true meaning of this Memorial Day.

"i thank god for my life
And for the stars and striped
may freedom forever fly, let it ring.
salute the ones who died.
the ones who gave their lives.
so we don't have to sacrifice.
all the things we love."
the zac brown band

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