Thursday, July 29, 2010

summer revisited

so a while back i had posted my "summer to do list".

welllllll.... id say we are doing just okay with it.
i love lists.
but my lists have to be in front of me and i never printed this one.
and i must confess in saying that i like to add things to my lists so that i can cross them off
(even if i already did them, make sense?)

so here is where we are

as far as a few i'd like to clarify and feel i can't check off
the whole "keep calm" thing.
right... about that.

so moving on....
we have had a couple of date nights... i had dreams of more.
so i can't cross it off quite yet.
we've been baking... not every week.
we've been crafting... not every week.
no weekly menu's.
although id REALLY like to get my head around that.
exercise... i am trying.
but just not hard enough.
and as for the blog...
to be honest, we've been to busy "summering" that i have sort of fallen behind!

but summer is almost over.... august is upon us!
i worship fall.
i really really can't wait!
but im determined to embrace what summer has left for me.
we are going to pack into the last month of summer all we can!

how are you doing with your summer lists?!?!

1 comment:

  1. I have no summer list although it seems like a greta idea. except that I would just end up disappointed Im sure and feeling like a crappy mother since I know I wouldn't get to most of the stuff..
    I really think you should cross off the baking, the crafting, the date nights... even if you didn't do them as often... by crossing them off I bet you would feel more motivated to do even MORE!