Tuesday, June 1, 2010

memorial day

we honored our fallen hero's on memorial day.
we talked about afganistan and the soldiers serving our country.

we went to the corsairs air show with friend in from out of town
(again this photo is so small, not sure how to make it larger)

this child's hair is wild... i don't understand it!

while we were there jack drew a picture to send to families of those serving the war.
he was so proud to write his name on the drawing.

we also got to spend some time with our good friends

here is jack giving his best buddie a ride on the tractor!
nothing more american than buckets on your head, riding a tractor in the back, barefoot!.
not a care in the world... safe at home.
our soldiers fight to keep us safe here at Home.
we are blessed for that.

and macy girl with her "gammie" getting some lovin!
i love the tenderness in this moment. it was so candid.

we went to the town parade.

we honored our fallen hero's ... jack and his buddy ty watching the parade!
as promised, i cried.

and in tradition... sammy slept through the parade, again!

then aunt lizzie & uncle barry passed this FABULOUS toy down to jack.
he loves it.
it occupies his time.
it may however, be the end of me!

but how cute is he on it?!?!

it was a beautiful weekend.
spent time with loved ones.
prayed for those deployed.
saluted the ones who died.


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