Sunday, July 25, 2010


im back!
vacation was ...
well let's be clear on the term

as defined by the websters dictionary is:
"a respite or time of respite from something;
a period of exemption from work granted by employee;
i.e. had a restful vacation at the beach"

i copied this from the actual merriam-webster dictionary.

let me be clear.
i did not rest.
i was not granted exemption from work in any way shape or form.
{i believe work load may have actually been increased}
and there was minimal respite.

husband not working?
family memories?
big time!

but the confusion with the term "vacation" is a bit of a problem for me.
if my brain weren't so foggy i'd invent a new term... like 'kidcation' {but that is lame} and i'd be an overnight blog-mogul!
but ... im fried and admist piles of laundry and sand!

so we are back.
we had a blast.
im exhausted.
and struggling to get my head back in the game...
as if i hadn't been struggling before this so-called-vacation...
now i'm doomed!

i didn't really work on you capture.
but i did get one great photo in black & white...
my godson/nephew.
he lost another tooth while we were away.
could you just eat up that toothless perfect grin!
i struggle accepting he is loosing teeth...
it seems like just yesterday he was enjoying his first summer in avalon...

so as previously mentioned... im struggling to get it together so here is a preview of a couple of my favorite photos from the kidcation!

don't blink!
a rare photo of me and my boys!
{stay tuned this week for a post about this topic}

we went to the inlet in sommers point, nj.
they had these hanging in the bar.
i LOVED them.
i should have asked where they got them from.

we went on a pirate excursion in Ocean City, NJ.
{another post to follow on that too... it was a MUST MUST do}

and this is my little beach bum.
he loves the beach.
and i love watching him enjoy the beach.
i do not love chasing him around the beach.
and preventing him from ingesting inedible objects incessantly.


im off to dream of a REAL vacation which would consist of no laundry, perfectly behaved children... or maybe even no children, island bliss, cocktails and days of stress and care free fun!
in the meantime i will enjoy the amazing memories of my kidcation!


  1. can't wait to hear about the pirate excursion. picture of your nephew is awesome. I've also been dreaming of a "real" vacation. Next year for sure

  2. My mom always said that if you take your kids it's called 'a trip'; if you go without them it's a vacation! I never uderstood that until now!

    -- Rachel