Wednesday, July 28, 2010

lost my groove!

i think i've mentioned before i like structure, routine, and being in control.

the moment things feel out of MY control,
i tend to...

i become cranky.
i snap at the boys i live with {all three of them ~wink wink~}
im needy.
and bossy.
just to name a few.

this summer im REALLY REALLY REALLY struggling to find my groove.
you know... a routine that works.
i could blame it on a bunch of things.
i have found a TON of excuses... i just typed out a bunch of honest candid things that have me in my funk... i decided to delete them.
this is the internet people... some things are too personal!

tomorrow... im gonna find my groove.
or at least im going to try.
im going to focus on the positive & happy things...

like our vacation!

this may seem like a terrible photo to post.
my little man crying - pirate face and all.
but i adore how this moment shows just how little he still is.
still my little baby.
not the big bad tough guy he tries to be.
he was petrified.
he tried so hard to be tough and not scared.
but he was.
i snapped this photo without him knowing.
as he slipped his hand into mind quietly, with tears flowing down his cheeks through his pirate beard.
he is still in there... my sweet jackabie!

jack was in the right spot at the right time.
he got the key!

here we are looking for "pirate pete", the mean pirate looking to have a *water* fight with us.

captain jack!

these little clams were all over the floor of the ocean as the tide came in.
they freaked me out.
they dig into the sand, you can see them digging.
there are millions.
sam insisted on eating them.

he is such a beach bum.

he rolled this digger around all week.

yes... that is my son and husband being swallowed by the ocean.
deep cleansing breaths.

when did my little man get so big!?!?!?

i'm so smitten with him!
he wore this robe every day after his outdoor shower post beach.

happy thoughts!

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  1. I so can relate Robyn. I had no idea how much I need structure and more importantly routine until I was away on vacation last week. I was barely able to function, this is so new to me, I think it's the kid thing. But the minute I walked into my house, something shifted and it felt right again.
    I hope you find your groove today waiting for you next to your morning coffee!
    btw, I cannot get enough of your pictures. and your kids :)