Thursday, July 8, 2010

home of the free BECAUSE of the brave!

i have had one of those days

i wasn't even going to post tonight because i just feel like the grumpies got me.
i woke up with BIG plans.
the weather was iffy and everything went down hill from there.
things turned around a bit for a while.
and then ended with a thump.

do you sometimes just find yourself thinking:
"how did i get here?"
i adore my children. i feel very very blessed in life. they amaze me with every move they make. just like every other mother out there!

but the day in and day out monotony of being a stay at home mom exhausts me at times.
little things start to bug me... like hearing jack say "mooooom, phineas and ferb are..."
or sam moaning under my feet.
or jack complaining he is bored {after a day of swimming, playing, swinging, arts & crafts, etc}
i know im blessed to be home with them.
and often times i love the very special moments we share.
for those im eternally grateful.
there are also lots of times i just want everyone to stop talking-crying-whining for a moment and cooperate!
too much to ask?!!?

apparently ;)

so you capture this week was appropriately "america".
i love america.
always have!
i cry when they raise the american flag!
feel strongly that EVERYONE should sing when they play the national anthem.
i have family who serve our country.
love apple pie, my mom, hot dogs, red, white & blue, bike rides, and freedom!

here are some highlights from our weekend... celebrating america!

nothing better than an old fashioned bike parade in the center of our town!
we decked out our bikes with some of our greatest friends and walked in the parade.
a perfect way to honor our country!

only in america does stuff like this happen ;)

in america... you get to paint your god daughters perfect little 10 month old piggies red to celebrate!

in america you get to go to the beach at dusk with your bestie to watch the fire works!
{i adore this photo. absolutely adore it. i love how it shows their personalities and just how much they love one another}

you can snuggle on your mom's lap while watching in awe as the boom into the sky.
i loved this moment.
around us were some "young loves" snuggled under the fireworks romantically.
i reminisced of those moments with my hubbie. it made me smile.
but then i thought... how lucky am i!
this experience with my son. sitting on my lap. watching the sky light up in honor of our freedom. he asked a million questions about how they went off, talked about which ones he liked the best, and just wanted to learn more about it. periodically i got a sweet little snuggle or kiss {he was really tired...but i like to think they were just because}. it was such a deeper love than i ever felt before. so unconditional. nothing else. at all.
while i was sad my hubbie had to go back home with the baby and miss the 4th celebration.
i felt so very fortunate to have that experience with my little man!

and who couldn't love this exhausted face!
only in america do you get to stay up past 11 pm to see the fireworks!

sorry about my brutal rant!


  1. OMG you have some cute kids!

  2. I'm loving the mini escalade shot :)

  3. painted tiny little girly toes! seriously.... it makes me sad we're done having babies!

  4. thanks!
    and as for a girl... i just keep telling myself that having a god daughter will HAVE to do!

  5. I can relate to the rant!!! And I love the painted piggies!