Thursday, July 15, 2010

you capture... "vehicles"

we had a crazy busy week.
my best friend visited from North Carolina with her almost 5 year old son.
we packed loads of fun into the weekend for the boys.

so here is my you capture take on vehicles
through the eyes of
two little boys
whose mommy's are best friends
as they get to know each other
on a whirlwind visit together in New York & Connecticut!

benjamin had his first NYC taxi ride!
he was awe struck.

i love this.
they were more interested in playing with their new vehicles
than taking in manhattan!

this is my favorite photo.
if i were a real photographer
i would call it
serenity admist choas {through the eyes of two 4 year old boys}
they found a shady spot while we were walking around times square.
they were hot.
and sweaty.
and just simply wanted to play with their new rides!

and only in NYC, can you spy with your eye in the car
a taxi, double decker bus and horse drawn carraige all at the same time!

and their creations with tiny legos
{i forced the flash in this shot because i could not get the photo i wanted- boo!}

it was a wonderful weekend!
i'm still trying to recover from the monster sized fun we had!


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  1. love the legos! :) Cute pics! Thanks for sharing!


  2. Great pictures. I love the commentary. Thanks for visiting my blog today.

  3. I love the shot with the taxi/bus/horse!

  4. Love the Lego shot, that's such a creative vehicle :-)

  5. Aren't boys so cool? Loved the NYC shot with the taxi/double-decker/horse-drawn carriage. Makes me want to go there again.

  6. Love that last shot!!! They are precious!

  7. Robyn - doing a great job with this. Unfortunatley yet another thing to distract me from doing my JOB. Keep up the good work.

  8. I am not gonna lie! When I saw the topic this week I was not expecting much...but this was AWESOME! What a great job you did telling a story about transportation and 2 new friends. I LOVE it :) Wow.