Tuesday, July 6, 2010

survival of the hottest!

my temp thingy in my car reads a whopping 105 degrees

it is too hot to take mister asthma out.
and way to hot for my liking.

we went to target.
i made it out under $80!
did you know they take BJ's coupons :)

jack had a sobbing tantrum in target because i told him no more cars.
i ignored him.
then we saw not one but two friends from school.
we got some projects to work on for the next few oppressive days.

we got home and made rainbow pudding pops...
stay tuned for pictures, details and where i got the idea.
it was messy.
but fun.

then we got home and he was just a jerk!
you know.
into everything.
i didn't do anything the right way.
yelling at me.

then we made water accoridans with glasses... at his request.
guess he saw it on noggin.
lasted about 2 minutes.

as i type i hear him downstairs into something he shouldn't be.
and i just don't have the energy to care.
i will very likely regret this decision when i do go down to see what is happening.

im hoping to survive the rest of the day without hurting myself... or any of the little people i live with!

wish me luck!


  1. I hate days like these. Kai does not handle the heat well at all, so he has been very, very cranky! Hope all 3 of you survived the rest of the day. it will be another hot one today!

  2. As long as you *hear* them, it's ok. It's when they are totally silent that you should worry....