Wednesday, July 7, 2010

our little heaven!

we go to avalon new jersey for our family vacations.
we are lucky enough that my hubbies parents have a home there.

jack looks forward to it so much!
above, he on the run to see the sunset at the bay!

avalon is tradition.
i love tradition.
total sucker for it!

my husband spent his summers there his entire life.
now we go as often as we can.

its hard with sam being a baby still.
although, this is the first summer i can see, with jack, the light at the end of the tunnel!

he is old enough to understand...
sleep is a must.
spending the day at the beach is perfection.
he loves to talk about morning trips to Wawa for donuts with his pop.
he loves the "5 & 10 store" where he can get great cheap toys.
ice cream is a must.
bike rides are great.
there are touristy things to do.
family... he gets to see tons of family while we are there!
his enthusiasim makes the 3 and a half hour plus car ride a smidge more manageable.

i dreamed of this picture.
my boys.
in avalon.
in their adorable madras swim suits from gap kids.
{well i dreamed of them posing perfectly for a great picture without the complete obnoxious level of over exposure... but i'll take what i can get}

to get to the beach... you have to schelp through the dunes.
the dunes are a brutal walk. i find the walk to the beach torture.
every time i moan.
i begin to think and sound like a total princess/prima donna/spoiled bratt... self admittedly.

the air does not move in the dunes. its dead humid air. buggie. and some tough hills to push a double jogger up.

but then.... just as i want to throw myself down on the ground and stomp my feet that i don't want to walk anymore...
your feet hit beautiful soft sands.
you can feel the ocean breeze.
the smell is perfectly familiar and comforting.
all my senses go on over drive in the best way possible.

i forget about the crying and tired kids, sweat from the walk, long car ride, stress i insist on taking on from being on vacation, and everything else that stresses me out about being away...
and i can see this...

a dolphin was swimming right off the shore as we walked out of the dunes onto the beach.
its like the reward at the end!
makes it all worth it.

all of our stresses and struggles and weekly bump and grind drama dissipates.

my husband plays in the ocean all day with the kids.
teaching them how to surf, fish, and stay safe in the ocean.

and play in it!

and jack's excitement when he finally gets it!

its just so amazing!
{terrible editing on this photo!}

this boat is also tradition.
every child has their picture with it.
we have family photos in front of it.
jack's favorite toy in avalon is a toy replication of the boat.

sandy toes are a requirement.

the curiosity and wonder in sammy's every move as he explores and learns what this little piece of heaven our family has is all about.
pure unadulterated joy.
there are sleepy toes in the stroller after playing hard in the ocean and sand.

jack seems to worship the soft sands at the beach.

so much so that he literally rolls in it.
and lays here just playing.

i love how dirty he is.
and he just does not care!

adorable sandy fingers helping daddy fish.

this butterfly just hung out at the house all week.
it was beautiful!
stayed still for pictures and for jack to get a great look at her!

we are blessed.
i love avalon... more and more with each visit {for more pictures of this getaway follow the link... and stay tuned too because there are future trips planned}

hope your enjoying your summer vacations and staycations too!


  1. love, love, love every picture. those boys of yours are gorgeous!
    next time I'm coming w/ you!

  2. Great post. Nicely written.

    I wanna' go......