Friday, July 2, 2010

lost and lazy.

it's friday night.
my husband is out for his first "guys night" in a very long time.
don't feel bad for him...
he get's a lot of 'time' out of the house doing very fun things.
dinners out.
drinks out.
lunches out.
vacations... i mean work meetings at fun lavish places that require stays at the four seasons.

granted, he works his ass off and would MUCH rather be home with us.

he lives a rather exciting lifestyle while i...
am in a seemingly abusive relationship with a 4 year old and 1 year old.
eating peanut butter & jelly.
cleaning boogies off noses.
and working really hard at not negotiating with my terrorist (aka, my 4 year old).

so im lost on the internet.

there are clothes to put away.
laundry to be done.
a VERY dirty kitchen floor.
{like i can see stuff on it... and it will stay there just one more day!}
dishes in the sink.

and im still sitting here...
and have resolved myself that i will not get up and do the work!

so here is my you capture photos for the week.
we were away in avalon, nj.


the challenge was

pick one... i think.
i kind of broke the rules.
but people do every week.
and its more of a bend of rules.

avalon is quite possibly one of the most amazing places for our family.
my photos this week are not that great.
i wasn't trying.
i was really trying to enjoy the weekend with the boys at the beach.

but these moments happened to pass by so i snapped!

this is for the "hands" challenge.
he was COVERED at all times.
he really likes the soft warm sand.
not the sand where the tides come & go.

here is sammy in the chair in avalon.
{i have a HILARIOUS photo of jack in this chair... if procrastination continues i will look for it before i post because its a riot}

and sam making great effort to get out of the chair.
poor sam!

EDIT: here is the photo of jack from 2009 in the same chair.
i still crack up at this today.
"get the freaking camera out of my face mom!"

sammy in his new chair!
so excited for this!

relaxing in the rockers out back after a long day at the beach

brothers in the chair.

sammy trying to make a chair out of daddy's tackle box.

these next two were taken with my blackberry.
at our beach in CT.
one could tell by the rocky sand.
not soft sand.
im becoming a bit of a beach snob!

but her chair literally broke while she was sitting in it.
it was really rather funny.
and i should note it did not break because of some weight limit.
it was an older chair and the fabric just tore from use.

well sam took great fun in playing with the broken lily chair!

hope your all getting ready for some some celebrating of our country.
more pictures of avalon to come......

happy weekend!
happy 4th of july.
happy celebrating america!

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