Tuesday, July 13, 2010

rainbow happy goodness!

do you get lost on the internet?
i totally do!

i sit down... give myself a 15 minute window, maybe 1/2 hour.
the next thing i know...
its a LOT LOT longer!

typically i feel guilty about it.
but i find great ideas!
and i don't watch tv really at all these days.
and there is a sense of commraderie in the blog world,
don't you think?

like when you read other peoples thoughts, dreams, ideas, vents, etc...
you can relate.
or empathize.
or sometimes i have a little laugh at what other people share, thinking, are they for real!?
or a laugh because they are hilarious.

recently, i got lost.
and found this idea for rainbow pudding pops.

did you ever have the jell-o pudding pops back in the day?
i can't find them anymore!

i loved them... they had that icey covering on them that was so yummy!

so we tried to make our own!

here is our venture into rainbow happiness!

the yummy pudding cooking.
i have not made pudding in, well, a long time.
it smelled so amazing!

my helper mixing up the colors
{i had a lot of trouble with my camera this day. the settings with f/s and iso were all screwy for some reason}

i screwed up purple big time (bottom left... sorta more like brown... do NOT overdue blue. can't go backwards on that!}

how yummy and fun?!?!?!

jack thought so!

so did sammy!

although he kind of seemed to think they were more fun to paint with!
they scream happy summer thoughts!

sam had it everywhere!!!!

it was a fun activity to do with jack.
and fun for the rest of us to enjoy!
and i made too many... not being sure how many the recipe would make.
i took some to the babysitters house for her and her sisters... i felt like betty crocker!

and then AFTER i made them.
i saw a post on a blog i visit almost every day that she made them.
i know i just found them off another person's blog.
but i was kind of proud of myself that i did something that she thought was cool.
totally ridiculous, i know.
but true.

happy making!

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