Wednesday, June 30, 2010

lady liberty

as the 4th of july approaches
we all prepare to celebrate America.

i thought it would be a good time to share a recent day trip we took to
Liberty State Park in New Jersey.

we celebrated a dear friend's daughters first birthday.

here is violet.
{at 8 months}

she is like a little doll!
makes me REALLY want a girl.
{her mom is really creative and has this amazing children's stuff she designs and makes here}

this group of lovely ladies are "my girls".
{minus a couple who were either working or moved away}

we met at marist college.
im so blessed to have found them.
we are like sisters.
all these years later,
no matter the distance,
or time elapsed between visits,
we pick up RIGHT where we left off.
like a group of 19 year old girls.

these girls make me laugh.
you know the kind...
when your cheeks hurt.
we talk about and share things that you wouldn't dream of discussing with anyone.
we annoy each other.
and we love each other.
its very unconditional.
i have learned SO much from these girls.
how to wear make up.
how to dance {well i never really LEARNED that but they tried}.
how to be not so "connecticut"!
and most importantly what friendship is.

{there are a LOT of kids under the age of 5 between all of us.
i can't be bothered to count}

so this day was amazing.
i teared up when i pulled in.
i thought
"oh my goodness. im bringing my children to see the statue of liberty"
i was awe struck.
i wondered before we got there if i would arrive and think,
"i remembered her much bigger from childhood"


still magnificiant.

if your kids monkey bars overlooked this wouldn't you be here

and the rest of the photos below are just snaps of our day.
there are a lot.
it was hard to choose!

it was a good for the soul kind of day.
we had lunch at the park.
and went back to my friends for pizza and beers.
it was perfect.
enjoy a few highlights.

jake being crazy with violets head phones to go to her daddy's shows with
{the milwaukees... go check them out. awsome tunes}

here is dominic swiping sammy's cupcake.
sam is thinking "dude get your own good stuff!"

jake and sammy being mad men!

the kids looking at the statue of liberty.
i love this photo.
there was only minor "staging".

flower picking!

is such joy!
this is my favorite photo of the day i think.

cole checking her out!

and dominic

the big kids singing happy birthday to violet

this is cole and olivia.
brother & sister.
sharing the job of pushing the toys.

that hair!
makayla... winking!

this is jackabie...relaxing watching a movie.
this should be an ad for apple.

oh... and this is jack & olivia.
they are trouble together.
they had to be peeled off one another.
this was hilarious.
this will NOT be hilarious in say, 10 years.
but for now... funnnnnnny!
we got in the car to go home and jack declared "i weally like wivvy mommy" and asked when we could go to her house.

hope your lucky enough to enjoy your friends this weekend as you celebrate america!


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