Thursday, June 10, 2010

and the word of the day is FUN!

so you captures assignment this week was

fun is in the eye of the beholder right!
fun for me may consist of:
sunning myself at a pool in the carribean
{the sand being too messy reducing the degree of fun}
with a yummy pina colada.
without children.
love them but it's true and i'm not afraid to admit it!
a nice dinner with my hubby and some friends.
and early to bed!
ahhh.... perfection!

oh... sorry... i got lost for a minute... back to reality!


fun WITH the kids... well...
that is the kind of fun when they are laughing and giggling so hard they can't breath.
they are so tired at the end of the fun they just pass out
{BEFORE inevitable meltdown would be optimal for 'fun for all' factor... but if depending on the degree of fun, highly unlikely to avoid said meltdown... at which point its best to just ignore them in an effort to preserve the fun that was had}

the joy in their faces does the trick for me!

so in keeping with the rules i choose from photos from this week.

we have been water playing fools in our yard.
we all have fun {kid kind of fun} with it.
it is a lot of work and a total mess.
and destroys the lawn for the most part.

but the boys love it!
and the smile on their faces make the work worth while.

here jack is pretending a stick and cone are his scuba gear!

this is jackabie and his best buddy ty... jumping in the water holding hands!
my favorite part about this picture is last year it would have taken ty about an hour to even dip a toe into the water.
this year... jumping RIGHT in!
i have known ty since he was 3 weeks old.
his mom is one of my best friends.
our families do everything together.
the kind of friends that make you wonder how you survived life without them.

so... this moment made my heart gush with joy and pride for him!

i LOVE the photo below.
watch out buzzzzz!

hope your having some fun times too this june!


  1. That looks like an awful lot of fun! Old friends are the best friends... =)

  2. I love the last picture of him shotting all of his toys with water its great!

  3. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. I love when they are jumping into the pool! How fun are they? : ) Isn't it the best to see their smiles when they are playing with friends? I love that!

    I also love pina coladas! : )

  4. only you would dislike caribbean sand.. your are too funny!
    I love all the pictures, the one w/ boys jumping in the pool is my favorite.

  5. cristina... this was optimal fun! i enjoy the caribbean sand. but.... in a perfect world, id like to avoid the mess!

    you don't like the one of jack "killing" buzz lightyear? you and your sick sense of humor... thought you'd enjoy that!

  6. I love your pictures!! So cute!