Wednesday, June 9, 2010

i am not a gardener...

but i'd sure like to be!

i could manage to kill a fake plants.

we worship basil in this family.

when i told jack we were going to plant basil he asked me what it was for...
i responded "everything!"

tomato, basil & fresh mozzeralla
i use it to make our weekly broccoli, chicken & pasta meal {stay tuned for recipe}
fresh tomato sauce personal favorite
make your own pizza
the list goes on.

so we started with these things i picked up at the supermarket!

a pot... soil... and 3 basil plants {two regular & one purple basil}

i had my little gardening helper fill the bottom with rocks.
this is supposed to help with drainage???
i have NO idea how i know this.
or if its true {given the whole lack of 'green thumb' issue an all}

then he filled the pot with soil...
he LOVED that he was encouraged to get dirty!

he took his job very seriously.

finished project looks pretty!

and then he watered it.

we talked about taking care of it.
feeding it.
giving it sun.
and helping it grow!

and how we have to keep on doing this... to keep it alive!

keep your fingers crossed.
i now have a curious and non-forgetting four year old watching me {he loves to recall the time "the police man pulled mommy over for going 76"}

hopefully i can manage to keep this alive.
now i need to do some research on how much sun is enough or too much.
right now she is perched in her pot on the back deck in bright sun!
im looking forward to making some yummy stuff!



  1. isn't it awesome how into it they get? good luck with your basil babies, but it's probably hard to kill it... maybe if you over water it. We have mint ALL OVER our yard, it grows like a weed... at least it smells yummy around here and good for mojitos too!

  2. it was super cute how into it he was.
    i killed basil last year... so we'll see!

    i was going to make watermelon martini's next week for a jewelery party {a certain someone is not coming to}

  3. What a great mother-son project!! I love it!

    Thanks for visiting me. Come back!

  4. I hope it is growing well! My plants kind of suck. Our cat eats them, and they are thrashed by the high winds coming off the lake. I am envious of anyone with a garden that has massive basil goodness or tomatoes.

    Maybe if I had a gardener helper, I would do better. Love the pictures of your boys. Can't wait to meet my own!