Wednesday, June 2, 2010

cool kids!

it's suddenly hot outside here!
feeling like summer.
see... i like warm weather.
about 75-80 degrees is perfect.
WITHOUT humidity.
humidity makes me cranky.
the boys too.
i do not like to be uncomfortably hot.
i like to enjoy the "things that summer brings" (a little ode to dr seuss) comfortably!

but i have learned, that i have to plow through.
be prepared.
make the best of it.
it's less work to have fun in the summer than to deal with all of us being cranky.
the smile on their faces makes it bearable!
keep 'em busy!

so time to resume some summer activities.
the kind that make you and your kids so tired you all are tucked in bed nice and early!

we broke out the sprinklers!

sam was nearly paralyzed.
he didn't love it.
but he refused to move.
i had to run into the sprinklers to save him because he started to cry.
it was somewhere between hilarious, completely bizarre, and sad.

i love this moment!
this kid loves anything that gives him permission to be wild!

and this picture i love how jack's friend laurel is watching him run like a maniac through the sprinklers.
the entire time she nicely ran AROUND the water.
jack barreled through in true boy fashion!

then the ice cream man came.
which made things feel that much more "summery" and very americana.

and she put his arm around him for a picture... so sweet!
and even more sweetly, jack went to reciprocate and realized his hands were dirty with popsicle.

so he licked them!
what a gentleman ;)

and at the end of the sun soaked & water filled day we had...


dirty feet = a good day in our house!


  1. The sprinkler story made me laugh. As traumatizing as it was for your kid, I just thought it was too funny that he didn't run away and had to be rescued by momma ;) Too cute.

  2. 1. Love the last picture.
    2. My youngest doesn't love the sprinkler either, although she finds herself stuck in it often.

  3. We have the same sprinkler and my kids love it too...thanks for the comment earlier which led me to you, I am your newest follower!

  4. i wasn't sure he hated it at first... it was rather funny. but then i felt so bad for him... almost pathetic. but he keeps going back for more :) silly boy!
    thanks for following jen :) it looks like we have lots in common... your blog name cracked me up!