Friday, June 18, 2010

come sail away!

this week's You Capture challenge...


this time of year there are water things going on everywhere.
slip & slide...

since i have done a few posts of the fun every day things...
i opted to share a little about this parade and event in our town.

we live near the harbor in this very quaint little town.
about a 4 minute walk or so.

{photos are not great on this series... it was horrible lighting and i was battling crowds and keep track of children... and the husband... he wanders more than the kids sometimes!}

time almost stands still in this town.
it was used to film the move Revolutionary Road with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.
i saw leo... we are now considered friends after i saw him run by me filming.
so they have an annual event every year called
Blessing of the Fleets.

its a little parade.
perfect really...
all the fire trucks
marching bands- not the school ones, old fashioned ones.
very cool!
all the dignitaries in town.
all the religious leaders in town also since they bless the boats

and the boats in the marina come through at the end under the fire trucks in the harbor
where the fire truck is set up spouting water over the harbor to sail under.

there is a little free picnic sponsored by the volunteer fire department.
its so fun!

i loved this set up... unfortunately i had my zoom lens and was too close.
but this beautiful sail boat was pulling the canoe with the boy in the back.
it was perfectly picturesque!

happy weekend!


  1. So pretty and peaceful! And how cook that you got to see Leo. He's hot with a capital H!

  2. Wow. These pictures are just perfect for this theme. What a pretty setting your town is in. Lovely!

  3. How fun! What a neat tradition. Totally jealous of your Leo sighting :)