Wednesday, June 23, 2010

get low low low....

the word of the week for you capture is
"get down low"

i was gonna be funny and take pictures of our daily dance parties.
but i just kept missing the moment.
or really... enjoying the moment with my kids.
not behind the camera.

then i was going to be creative and capture some sort of "D.L."
aka... secret.

but with the kids being sick im fried.

here are some photos from our day strawberry picking last week.
before they decided to go and get sick on me!

{i was down low to take these photos}

i have said before.
i hate hate hate when people say:
"what kind of camera do you have? it takes amazing pictures?"

while yes a good camera helps.
its all in the angles and how you work your camera.
you can get great photos with a disposable camera.
so this challenge i felt embraced that thought.

and it's also a check off my summer to do list!

here is sammy ... he was practically paralyzed at the end of the field.
he just stood there.
never moved his feet.
and shoved strawberry's in his mouth.

here is my little farmer.

he had so much fun!

afterwards we went back to my parents house for a swim.
the little water rat checking out the temp first.

and this photo has nothing to do with the "you capture" challenge.
but its part of strawberry picking.
and i simply adore this photo for some reason.
i think it has part to do with the fact that you can tell we are all having fun but can't see any one's face entirely.
but i also love how my mom's smile is what catches your eye.
i love my mom tremendously but she tends to not be the most photogenic person...
therefore we don't have many great pictures that capture her beauty.

and her smile in this picture is
so familiar and comforting.
so natural.
makes me feel like a a little girl again!
at the strawberry fields picking with her.

head over to 'i should be folding laundry' and check out this week's entries.

enjoy... im off to bed.
two sick kids on vacation has zonked me out!


  1. love all the pictures. and you are so right, it's not the camera, it's the person behind it. Dan has an amazing camera and I can't take an amazing picture to save my life. it's just not my thing no matter how good the gadget is!

  2. I love the picture at the edge of the pool! Great shot. Your post reminds me that I need to get berry picking with my kiddos :)