Thursday, June 3, 2010

JUST ONE?!?!?!?

so yesterday i did that you capture thing.
i posted it on the last day of the assignment.
so in an effort to catch myself up to the rest of the "you capture'ers"

i had to choose ONE photo.
just one (grrrrr)
and the rule is no pulling photos from your computer.
so this is from this past weekend.
hope this doesn't count as pulling photos from archives.

and i must note the picture is WAY cuter in the series of before and afters... but rules are rules people!

so here is my little man ... aka buzz lightyear...
my favorite part of this picture is the determination and seriousness in his face!

the pictures before consist of him putting the wings on and "ejecting them".
and then after is him on his belly "flying" through the air!



  1. Just found your blog tonight and thought I'd say hi :) Cute photo! You have adorable boys :)

  2. Oh look at his face! The "wings" are awesome.

    I can just imagine the whole series of shots.

  3. Hi Robyn Anne!! Oh my gosh, I love that look of concentration. He means business! When I said manual, I was referring to the settings. Most of the time I use auto focus.

    (And my email is! :))

  4. That's an awesome shot. I bet he really loves his "wings"!

    Thanks for visiting me! I'll be back to see what you're up to. =)