Tuesday, June 22, 2010

just so!

summer is here!

usually yeah!
and in the grand scheme of things ... "yeah!"

but you see, i'm one of "those people" who just craves routine & structure.
i do better in crisis.
the crazier things are, the more hectic...
the more organized and functional i become.
i loved back to school because i loved to be organized and have routine.
i always had better grades in school during swimming season...
when i worked full time... it was a very high stress chaotic setting working with mentally ill children.
when a child was in crisis, i was quick on my feet.
the more challenging the case the better therapist i was.

when things slow down.
i forget things.
get disorganized.
hence am cranky.
subsequently cranky kids.
and the house becomes a bit messy!

these piles of laundry are waiting for me!

where did the come from?
this isn't even all of it!
there are piles to be PUT away.
i hate putting them away!

my bathroom is suddenly "college dirty".
you know.
just disgusting.
i'd consider myself a clean person.

i don't know if its from the increase in dirtiness from summer fun.
but my tub looks like a frat house tub.
i would take a picture and be more descriptive... but i think i'll leave your imagination to yourself on this one!
i can't let all my dirty secrets out of the closet!

am i alone here with this?!?!!?

i just can't seem to get anything done.

ok i'm off to get everyone tucked into bed and tackle the laundry... maybe!

oh... i also have to finish picking up all the beach toys that are piled up outside from being cleaned off after the beach today.
i suppose the bonus would be that i DID in fact clean them!
just didn't put them away.



  1. yeah, that's how my house is right now too... I actually cleaned the upstairs yesterday.. but focused on getting rid of things.. THAT feels awesome.. there's a post on that coming soon.

    hey dirty laundry will still be there tomorrow.. fun, special moments with the kids? not worth missing :)

  2. i got to the bathroom today... it was BAD!!!!!

    summer is great but it really throws me for a loop! especially with a sick kid on my hands!