Sunday, June 6, 2010

busy boys!

in my effort to keep everyone busy i broke out the water table!

it was work to get out... but totally worth the fun for them!
and that is what it is all about... right?

i'll be honest in saying sometimes i have to kick myself through some of this what i refer to as "mom of the year" stuff.

i find it a little overwhelming to plan.
but the more organized i am the better.

so after a few "live & learn moments" i recommend the following:
1. set out towels and dry clothes BEFORE the water goes in the table... for everyone, mom's included!
2. do not say anything about the fun impending activity until its go-time... or my, i mean YOUR, little bundle of energy will trying to get two steps ahead of you only to create disaster!
3. put a dry towel or rug on the floor near the door so when you head back in you don't trash the house!

this was sam's first time playing with the water.

such a silly face... he was so confused!

and then he tried to climb in!
why does this child feel the need to perpetually climb?!?!

but they played together.
it was totally what it is all about!
i have been waiting for the moment when they finally could play together!

jack was showing sammy how to use the pirates and water stuff.

then jack asked if he could finger paint.
he had that voice that indicated he thought the answer would be no.
i surprised myself, and him, and said yes.
(remember... "mom of the year" efforts taking place!)

so i embraced my preparedness self -is that a word?
got extra paper.
and set up the paints LAST... i learned my lesson with that last year when i put the paints on the paper FIRST before i was ready to go... and let's just say it was not pretty!

sam tried to eat the paint. it's non-toxic, thank god!

at least he didn't like it!

this may be one of my new favorite photos of sam and jack painting
with sam reaching out to play with jack's brush (or could be swiping it but i'm just a mom trying to preserve a sweet special brother moment so we'll keep it at playing together)!

i should note... that this whole "mom of the year" kind of day is often negated by days that are full of tv and zero planned fun activity and minimal motivation or patience! i'm very inconsistent with this stuff... but im working on it!

happy summering!


  1. love the pics and the fact that your little guy tried to eat the paint...priceless! My son would love a water table like that!

  2. you should check out the pirate water table at toys r us if your planning on getting one. its SUPER cute! i wish we needed one... but we don't!