Tuesday, June 29, 2010

the list.

i feel random today.
we have been in the house trying to get mister asthma recovered.
this humidity is killing him.

i have "a list".
the list is a compilation of words that i do not like to hear.

i think the top two, in no order
are moist and panties.
i cringe when people use them.

did you know that the NY Post did an article that Betty Crocker was taking out the word moist from their cake boxes because so many people did not like it?

{i tried too look for it to link up but since i'm lazy and have 2 kids to entertain time is not on my side}.

it's hilarious though.
i have a hard copy of it...
my friend amy {who also enjoys the list} snail mailed to me from work.
i still laugh thinking about the day i received it in the mail box!

there is even a facebook page for the word moist!
im not alone.

there are other words on the list but today i figured i would just share the top two!

figured i'd also share some random pictures to go with my random disclosure.

we've been having lots of summer fun.
we had a weekend get away this past weekend and i have a TON of pictures to edit.

so i'm summer cleaning my photo files.
which reminds me i REALLY need to back up my files before something bad happens to them.
must add to list of to-do's for the week.

without further ado...

no one {with the exception of his brother} loves watermelon more!

he loves his daddy. i wish this photo wasn't so grainy.
i gush of his hair!

mister nathan... i posted about him in may.
he has had a very rocky road to recovery.
this photo was taken a couple of weeks ago.
i love his smirky little grin!
he's looking amazing and doing much much better... but still working on getting better!

i have an obsession with baby feet.
these belong to sam.
they are delicious!!!!!
he loves blueberry's too.
i love the curiosity in his face.

sam is peculiar.
very unique.
maybe he was looking for more.
maybe he just likes to put his face in the bowl.
who knows with him!

little fingers with blueberrys!

moving on to some more randomness
my niece & nephew were pitching at the same time on adjacent fields.
talk about stress.
{i shot with my iso setting on 100 for the ball photos}

this is my niece krystina pitching in the play offs.

and her brother justyn pitching in his play off game.
how does his body go in those directions?
and his tounge went out for every single pitch!

i love this one of him.

while cleaning out the photo files i discovered that you can stay tuned for
peanut butter balls
liberty state park girls trip with the kids
and a few other projects we have been working on!

stay cool!


  1. how about yolk sack?
    this post totally brought me back to our lunches at BGV and the funniest most inappropriate conversations that took place. thanks, I needed to go back there this morning, it's been rough around here.

  2. Personally, I hate the word n-i-p-p-l-e.