Sunday, June 20, 2010

my baby's daddy!

when i found out i was pregnant with number one i thought it was hilarious to refer to my hubby as "my baby's daddy".
it just cracked me up!

i have the most amazing baby's daddy on earth!
{although i'm sure i'm not the only one saying that today}

he works incredibley hard so our boys can have a good life.
he teaches them things i would never dream of teaching them...
yard work.
bike rides.
cleaning the garage.
weather... just the other day jack declared, "mommy, i see storm clouds coming"
sure enough... there was a storm!

when i tell you our 4 year old can rattle off nearly every vehicle on the road im not kidding.
some i've never heard of!
all thanks to daddy.

he does things like send them post cards from work!
he teaches them to hold the door for people.
to be gentleman.
he includes them in our life.
not just has them there... INCLUDES them in the process.
teaches them along the way.

he get's up with them in the middle of the night way more often than i.
not only because he does better without sleep than me.
but because he's that kind of guy!
and they often would prefer him over me {sniffle}.

he makes them giggle.
belly laugh really.
he gets down on the ground and tosses them around.
he totes them around with him every where he goes when he is home.
sends me off for some 'me time' and takes the boys.
he bakes with them! REALLY!
he hates when they cry... to a fault sometimes!
they have daddy wrapped around their finger a smidge!

he doesn't always do things MY way.
but he does them.
his way.
{i'm getting much better at sitting back and letting go... sorta}
and he is awsome.

there is nothing better in life than watching your children and your husband together.
there is nothing worse than those morning that they cry at the door when daddy leaves for work.
or every day the first question is, "does daddy stay home today"
followed by
"will we see daddy tonight?"

but they know daddy works hard.
and the best thing is their beaming faces when daddy gets home at the end of the week.
simply happy and content!

ok... enough about him {wink wink}
below are some pictures of a "tradition" we have every year.

finger painting for daddy.
i take pictures.
frame the pictures in a frame that has 2 openings.
one for the art work.
and one for the photo.
{i would show the finished product but previous years are at his office and this years...
well... it's not entirely done!}

we missed last year because of the baby... i just couldn't get it together!
although i must say i have memories of doing it.
but i can not for the life of me locate the photographs {grrrrr}.

this year was fun because the boys did it together.
sam ate it!
jack got really messy!

they have FULL license {i ALWAYS have to spell check that word!} to get filthy dirty.
then the hose comes out after!

happy father's day to all the baby's daddy's out there!
may your days be full of the perfect mixture of daddy time and "you time"!
and to my baby's daddy... thanks for being the most amazing daddy to our children a girl could ever dream to ask for!

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