Monday, June 14, 2010

banana chocolate chip yumminess

so this is a "double whammy" post.

a partial check off my summer to do list of baking every week!
and another check on my "getting healthier" quest.

my mom used this cook book for my entire childhood.

check out that price!

it was published in 1982
{i was proud all these years later i knew where to look for this info}.
it has some really great things...

often i make their recipe for "banana bread".
SO easy.
{see below for full recipe}

my first "change" of business is i use whole wheat flour instead of regular.

i mash up my bananas.
usually one of jack's favorite "helper jobs" but he was NOT interested in helping this time!
which is too bad because he has an adorable apron he received as a party favor that he usually dons to help me cook!
next time.

back to the muffins...

i used cage free eggs for the recipe this time to make things healthIER.

i usually put some greek yogurt in to keep the muffins moist
{side note: i HATE the word 'moist', but its necessary when it comes to baked things}
but i forgot my yogurt because its not called for in the recipe and i was focused on photographing the process.

i also add some chocolate chips.
dark chocolate.
they are "better for you".
the mini kinds are the best.

and the kids (self included) think they are getting a huge treat!

this is my favorite trick.
i make mini muffins.
they cut back on the mess.
my least favorite part of muffins or cupcake making {large or small} is getting the batter into the pans.

until one day i had this amazing revolution...
the melon baller!
spray her down with some non-stick cooking spray and voila!

its mess free making!

and we put them in the oven and watch them bake!

*i have also added a butter/brown sugar/walnut mixture to the top of the muffins before baking.
*another "fun" way to serve them is to add some cream cheese on top as "frosting"!
jack thinks it's a huge special treat!
and i don't feel so guilty about serving them now & then!


adapted from 'Sunset Easy Basics for Good Cooking'

3 ripe bananas
1 C sugar
1 egg
4 TB butter/margarine, melted, cooled.
1.5 C all-purpose flour
1 tsp EACH salt & baking soda

preheat to 325
grease pan
mash bananas in mixing bowl (appx 1 cup)
beat in sugar, then egg, then butter.
in another bowl mix dry ingredients.
add to banana mixture and stir til just blended.
recipe says bake for 55 to 60 minutes.
for mini cupcakes i bake for about 17 or so.


  1. I use whole wheat flour, too, and I love your "mini muffins!" I need to do this.


  2. mini muffins are the best... perfect for little hands! its half the mess of the big ones... which i find just crumble ALLLLLLLL over the floor!